Powweb speed test and load-balanced technology explained

Powweb speed test and load-balanced technology explained

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Before signup with any web hosting services, also check on their customer website. Test the speed performance and check the uptime as well. Visit my for more Powweb reviews, speed test and uptime statistic.

From my above Powweb demo site, you can check on my Powweb speed test and uptime statistic. I also performed some speed speed using Pingdom and Yslow. If you are going to check it once again, you can use Pingdom website testing tool and perform the test now.

The result I am getting now is 86 out of 100 and the speed is faster than 82% of all tested website. Page size is 1.4 MB and it takes 1.48 second to load. The first HTML request only takes 240 ms and the slowest gif file is download from Liquidweb server which is the external request. And the rest including gif, jpeg, media, css and js are checked in here. This fast performance is result of their load-balancing technology with redundant network. One downtime or overloading is not causing issues to customer request and the service can still serve the page request in fastest speed. You can choose cloud server that cost over $1000 dollars and you are getting the same load-balancing configuration. If shared hosting is what you need, this Powweb with load-balanced technology will be the budget solution.

When you are ready to signup, use the Powweb promotion banner on the right hand side, click on it will automatically bring you to discount page. We are their referral partners and they always give us the lowest price, together with seasonal promotion and limited offer. This banner is provided by them and automatically updated when there is promotion available.


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