Public IP vs. Private IP and Port Forwarding (Explained by Example)

Public IP vs. Private IP and Port Forwarding (Explained by Example)

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In this video we will explain how you can author a web application, host it on your laptop then expose it through the internet via port forwarding. We will explain the difference between private ip in Local Area network and Public IP, we will explain how routers have two IP addresses public and private IP.

We will also do a live edit on my router configuration to do a port forwarding of port 8080 to my local laptop and even access that through my phone.


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46 thoughts on “Public IP vs. Private IP and Port Forwarding (Explained by Example)

  1. Thank you so much, brother. I have an amazing idea for a program, but I'm not even slightly informed on networks, so I was having trouble with this.

  2. But what if there are 2 applications running on port 8080? How to port forward that time? Will the router fail?

  3. I have a VM (running via VirtualBox on my local) configured with a bridge network on my local machine. On my host machine (or local environment), I secured copied (via terminal command scp) a file to the VM via 192.168.1.#. did that event ever go to the router or did all the networking on that particular request remain entirely within my local machine?

  4. There is an online multiplayer game that is now in the hands of the fans to resurrect. In order to do that I need to be able to hold public ip addresses and port my routers.

    This video marks the first I've seen in my quest to roll up my sleeves, get to work, and bring Primal Carnage back! I look forward to learning the content this video's title alludes to, among much else.

  5. Sir, I do not mean that, I mean are there other ways to communicate with any site, do you use the API or Google code .. Do you have an explanation of how to use the code for communications

  6. i can access my application through my wan ip in my computer but if i try to access it on my phone using 4g, it gives me an error.

  7. 4:34 and now we have to teach routers to do stuff!We dont know anything ourselves how will we teach our routers๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

  8. Hi Sir, one question, how can I enable my computer to host my website? How do I assign it a public IP? do I necessarily need to use a hosting service ? thanks

  9. good day sir, i want to first commend you for the justice you did to the video on port forwarding. neatly explained. thank you very much sir. may God almighty whom i server bless and give you more grace, knowledge and greater wisdom. i was really educated by the simplicity of your teaching. please sir, i need a favour from you, what is the name of the router you used for the above video and how can i get it, i live in Nigeria. once more thanks sir.

  10. Why it doens't let you choose the port from the computer ? I mean you select the port of the router 8080 but it doesn't let you insert the port of the computer HusseinMac , solo how does the router what port to use ? or is it using the same port that was requested to the router ?

  11. very nice explanation !!! so sounds fine for an application running on a specific port…. but how can we connect to the mobile connected to the router from external web??? since it does not have any port so how you will configure or access it?

  12. so a router is a linux box
    that runs a dhcp server
    and port forwards with IP tables?
    or is it more complex?
    you should make a video where you build a router

  13. Is virtual server and port forwarding are different? If yes, then can we do the same thing with virtual server. Please make same video on virtual server option.

  14. I tried it, allowed my port through windows firewall , set up port forwarding through router but still its not working

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