22 thoughts on “publish/deploy mvc website from visual studio 2017 godaddy

  1. I have 2 projects one is asp.net web api and another one asp.net MVC application , how to publish both to access the api and well as MVC application

  2. Hi sir , I did not found your contact, So I commenting here sir I am using bigrock for windows hosting but whenever I publish site from visual studio to bigrock plesk they give me error "Operation could destabilize the runtime." i did not found any solution for that

    please help me

  3. Sir thanks for this tutorial. If we have to use BIGROCK server, as the steps same? Also please tell how can publish ASP.NET WEB API on BigRock server..

    Thanks and best Regards

  4. Can't find play list title video "ASP.Net Core Upload to GoDaddy" I am looking for deploy ASP.Net Core application.

  5. GoDaddy is a very poor service provider. The server packages are extremely slow and weak, while being more expensive than the competition.

    I had problem to upload files via FTP to their server, it keeps reconnecting and I was unable to complete to upload my files. Anytime I emailed their support team, they will always said there were no issues.

    Once I switched to Asphostportal, I can deploy my .net website without any issue and the website starting running as smoothly as on our staging site.

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