QuickBook Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop: What's The Difference?

QuickBook Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop: What's The Difference?

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34 thoughts on “QuickBook Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop: What's The Difference?

  1. Hi thank you for this. I had to wind up my business this year. I have a desktop QB version back up from a windows pc. If I get QB for Mac online will i be able to read my back up version with it? Thank you.

  2. I have QuickBooks online and it’s linked to my phone, it’s a struggle to get all of the transactions to upload in a timely manner. I’ve realized rather quickly that it’s not worth the $70/month for a heavily flawed platform that still requires a PC for some functions.

  3. Are foreign currency gains/losses unavoidable?

    Im a US LLC so my home-currency is USD.

    If I have foreign-currency activity without converting to USD will I always have gains/losses? Let me explain:

    Say I have a GST liability account (CAD). I make a sale in Feb and collect $1000 GST. The CAD/USD exchange is 0.80 so my balance sheet will show a GST liability of $800 USD. On Apr I remit this $1000 GST to the CRA, but the CAD/USD exchange is now 0.70 so my GST liability is now $100 USD. I'd have to DR GST liability $100 & CR curreny gain $100 and pay tax on it.

    In this scenario, I recieved and remitted $1000 CAD to the CRA. I am being taxed on a gain I never realized. Is this simply unavoidable for transacting in foreign currency?

  4. If Intuit wants to get rid of QBD, they need to make Online be able to handle Build Assemblies. How many more years are they going to not implement this feature?

  5. I am three quarters through and I still have not found the comparison between Desktop and Online the presenter promised in the title.

  6. Thank you for the video, I'm wondering if any version of Quickbooks can export to Excel and if Quickbooks files from Premiere or Enterprise or Online can be opened in Pro?

  7. I have been using Quick books for my business for almost 20 years now. It sucks. I only upgrade when I have to like when we were forced off of Windows 7 to Windoz 10. My CPA gets a copy of my data file ever month and they inport it into their software and that is what produces the reports we need for taxes and things like that. He does not like Quickbooks at all. The Back up is simple just have another drive in your computer and use 7Zip (free utility) to back everything up to the separate drive when you are done working in Quickbooks it only takes less than a min and its worth it also use iDrive online backup. So far I have never lost anything! Thank God.

    I do not think there is much choice for what you will use, the online would be great for me because I work from home, office or my cabin and I did buy a subscription it was USELESS and a total waiste of money!

    Oh and forget trying to get any help it not happening!

  8. I really liked all that you explained here, I’m looking for answers because I used the online version and I liked it, but now we change to desktop and I’m lost. I liked the invoices so neat and clean on QBO, but in the desktop version, I just can’t find how to modify the invoices to look good, they’re so awfully awful😬😕 I’ll keep learning. Thanks again for this video and I’ll subscribe to your channel [because I like the way you explain: clear and slow…] thank you again friend 🙂 blessings to you

  9. QB has also really increased the price of QBD to the point that most companies can not afford to use it. It is link they are pricing them selves out of the marker, so users have to go to QBO.

  10. My company invests in different loans. Do you have any videos on how to use Quickbooks for this type of business? I.E. how to enter and label the companies I invest with. how to track the loan principal and interest payments?

  11. Is there ANY bookkeeping/accounting software that ISN'T a subscription model? I want to be able to import bank and credit card statements at the very least. I found 3rd party software that allows this for QB desktop pro, but after a bit of digging, people say that QB desktop cuts off bank feed importing after the hidden subscription is over. Is this true? That's the main feature I want to keep.
    So is there ANY software at all that is a one time fee that includes this feature? I don't want to be entering data all day, and I don't want to be stuck into a subscription. Is this even possible today?
    HELP! I'm trying to start out in bookkeeping, and I DESPISE subscription based models. Thanks

  12. I just purchased QB Desktop from Costco and curious if anyone, hopefully AJ can. I am a Real Estate Appraiser and I also manage two small apartment buildings. Do you think it is better to have the Desktop version or online version. Also, I drive a lot and wasn't sure if there was a way to track mileage automatically, Thanks

  13. Hello AJ. I own a laundromat. Very little invoicing. Just track expenses and do payroll for three employees. I pay a bookkeeper $2500 a year to do this for me. What online version would be best for me?

  14. Is there a private message function? I have a comment that you might find embarrassing. (Something wrong with your photo.)

  15. I am in the business of Bookkeeping – I like the online version; However, it dose not have all the good and heavy features in QB Desktop – As a bookkeeper I do recommend the desktop for now until online picks strong.

  16. Thanks for the video. Does QB desktop off anything for creating a depreciation schedule? We are a small business and need a depreciation schedule…where do I find that?

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