QuickBooks Enterprise with Hosting

QuickBooks Enterprise with Hosting

In many ways, Intuit QuickBooks Pro is like the girl/boy of your dreams; the one who is always playing hard to get. Preceded by larger-than-life reputations, they both may seem way out of your league.

If the thought of using a complex program like QuickBooks makes your palms sweat, especially in comparison to some of its simpler cloud-based competitors, it might help to think of those competitors as mere high school flings or college crushes. Sure, they’re good for a time, but they don’t cut it forever. Eventually, you’re going to want to commit to a program that will make you happy for life. QuickBooks may be complex, but trust me, it has the potential to be your accounting software soul mate.

Intuit was founded in 1984, and after launching the first desktop version of QuickBooks in 1992, the company has only grown. Intuit now has over 1.5 million users and is a giant presence in the accounting and personal finance world. The company recently launched QuickBooks Pro 2017; this update includes more automated reports, smart search, and addresses issues of software speed.

Like anything worth pursuing, QuickBooks Pro requires some TLC. The learning curve is steep and customer support is spotty at best. Locally installed software can be a bit constricting (not to mention that the price of renewing a locally installed program can be a bit hard on the wallet), but the sheer amount of features on offer here are almost impossible to beat. QuickBooks Pro does everything from invoicing, to time tracking, to budgeting, to inventory, to spellcheck, to running nearly 200 extensive reports. That said, features of this capacity might be overwhelming and unnecessary for some small businesses.

To see if QuickBooks Pro is a good fit for your company, check out this free trial and continue reading.

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