R + Shiny + AWS - Make Decisions at Scale with the Cloud

R + Shiny + AWS – Make Decisions at Scale with the Cloud

This webinar showcases the changes in the business that are calling for new tools being developed in the cloud. We demonstrate several of the technologies including #Shiny, #Bootstrap, #MongoDB, & #AWS.

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7 thoughts on “R + Shiny + AWS – Make Decisions at Scale with the Cloud

  1. That's some great stuff.

    However, Scalability and resilience is a challenge when it comes to a web application that consists of many web-services.
    Can we cover some firefighting tools and techniques as well ?

  2. Is there a step by step resource that details how to access data from an Amazon S3 and link it to R / R studio and then be able to view it through Shiny?

  3. I have a question: What will be the difference with the server that RStudio Pro offers for shiny apps? AWS is cheaper? more reliable?

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