21 thoughts on “Rackspace Knows Data Centers

  1. I saw this video on Reddit a few years ago and applied to the company because of it.

    Now I work in one of Rackspace's data centers. It's just as awesome as it looks.

  2. The only reason I'm commenting on this video is because it was at the end of one of the videos I was watching. Whoever edited this ad was a fucking prick because they need to learn to balance out their audio, fucking killed my ears wearing a headset. I could give less of a shit about whatever your ad is about. Piss off. 

  3. I have worked with Rackspace over the last two years and have found them to be very responsive to my clients needs.

  4. I work for the DFW Datacenter as an Inventory Control Specialist II and enjoy serving our customers!! Thanks for the great shoutout Rackspace! 😀

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