Raspberry Pi Owncloud WD Red Diet Pi

Raspberry Pi Owncloud WD Red Diet Pi

Raspberry Pi Owncloud Installation using Diet Pi image and WD Red 1TB Storage drives. Your cloud, your data, your way!

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43 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Owncloud WD Red Diet Pi

  1. i will be doing a nextcloud install as well and compair the two cloud servers. here is a write for this video https://goo.gl/uvWh5n

  2. can you show us, how to setting up vpn within my phone and owncloud in my house so that i can drop my file into that everywhere

  3. Thanks for another great tutorial. I know you released this 6 months ago but just saw it. I was building a personal nas using my pi4 but seeing this tutorial I think this is what I will do. I like the idea of the mobile apps allowing me to access my files remotely or upload my photos from my phone

  4. I’m having the absolute hardest time at the MySQL portion. I can’t seem to see the exact punctuation that you’re using and it’s hard to pause exactly at that point. I attempted 3 times lastnight and failure upon all 3. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Dietpi has a harddrive manager/configurator built in…it also can configure/move/mount user data to an external drive automatically (and do it's permissions) without having to manually create the entry in fstab…it automatically does it. https://dietpi.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=673
    Very very cool video and howto!

  6. I have an important question please can you answer me, what is the bandwidth .? Say if I have 1TB of storage is there any limit of how much I can download at once.? Or others can download?

  7. I'm only 1 minute into the video and I'm already subscribed. I love how you get straight to the point and don't waste time. One of the best tech YouTube videos I've seen! Keep it up!

  8. Did something change with owncloud? Following this guide step by step gives me problems starting at mysql create database owncloud; owncloud database already exists

  9. Hello,

    how do you plug hdd to pie?
    My 2.5 inch hdds in various enclosures won't spin up, they just click. Are you using externaly powered enclosure or something special?

  10. Thanks for the tutorial, I’m having problems adding an external USB drive, can you make a video about it? Thanks again.

  11. Yes, I knew.
    That's why I thought whole cloud thing was stupid from the get go.
    But something that was doomed to die was adobted by ms and google so there we have it.

  12. Honestly, you are one of my favorite tech tutorial provider, everybody else's is so confusing but your tutorials work for me every time!

  13. Clear, precise, and concise.

    I would have found a tutorial on using Public Key Encryption really useful as a companion piece to this tutorial. Could you consider it as a future subject? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Liked, Subscribed, and bell.

  14. Hi , when a connect to my server with my public ip adress it says : Rejected request from RFC1918 IP to public server address
    I have made research and I found that my router is blocking certain port (like the 80), so i can not open port 80.
    Is it possible to change the port owncloud is using ? thanks

  15. Awesome explanation and video ,but how can we connect the external 1TB to the raspberry pi? I have been looking to your other videos and I can't see anything about it.

  16. Tried to install it on my pi with ethernet but i keep getting stuck with the following message: "dietpi was unable to detect any additional software selections for install" after the «software optimized» step

  17. For all the people wondering about the final performance I would say it gets 20mbs/s in the best scenario and its capable of streaming a video using VLC and direct link – stream media. For múltiple files transfer it was a hard time for the device to host 20gb in my 128gb pendrive. Took around 3h. But my personal use for this is host software and reach software. If i need something once in a while and send something to save at home. Like a pendrive concept. So its okay. Ofc the evolution of this is to apply that knowledge to a better miniPC not a rasp. If you wanna learn this worth it. And with duckdns is usable for me from the outside and the phone.

  18. Hi there. Thank you for the video. I made my substitute of Lima (home cloud kickstarter dissapointment). Please help me understand this: if i download a big file for ex. My speed is 18-20mb/s .if I cancel the download and click download again the speed is half. So 9-10mb/s. If i do again it goes 5mb and sometimes it fixes and becomes 20mbs again. The dietpi task manager shows all the apache commands consuming resources even the download is cancelled (they stay open reserving memory and using cpu%) . How can i fix this? It eventually gets fixed by itself but i want to improove that. Should I build a script? Or ownlcloud's programmed behavior is so poor? Thank you

  19. I already have a hard drive loaded with tons of data i want left undisturbed. Can i use this drive for owncloud without formatting it? Of will i need a drive i can format then once its set up copy my data to it. It would be cheaper to not have to buy another drive.

  20. I wish this wasnt going so fast… i just ordered my first pi and dont have it yet. Feeling very overwhelmed…
    How do you know what to type at the command line?

  21. Umm… The only flaw in this setup is: SATA to USB converter

    Assuming that my knowledge to Raspberry pi is correct, the raspberry pi (even the 3b+ model) has only equipped with USB 2.0, the speed will be compromised.

    (Not an mean comment, because i'm currently using this setup right now, just with a different image, using Raspbian stretch instead of the image shown in the video and with LAMP stack and email service installed)

  22. Having your own Cloud Computing kind of defeats the purpose of Cloud Computing, this is more about redundancy and accessibility during DR.

  23. Hi Don.

    I have a question maybe you can help.

    Is it possible to run two servers on the same raspberry pi?

    For example, using Diet Pi,

    have owncloud running as well as PiVPN or openvpn.

    Or maybe using regular old Rasbian Stretch?

    Would these servers be using the same IP address and will that conflict with each other?

    Let me know what you think.

    Thanks a lot.

  24. Thanks for the helpful video and the inspiration to setup the same stuff at home. There is no need to delete owncloud config, it is actually predefined to use dietpi global software account and is good to go. Also no need to create the DB manually, it's already there. Just edit the cofig and set the owncloud data path to your drive and that's it.

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