Reseller limits in CloudLinux OS: A Deep Dive.

Reseller limits in CloudLinux OS: A Deep Dive.

Introduction 00:06 – 00:19
Two Level Limits 00:20 – 2:09
A. What we have now — LVE Manager → Users Tab 2:10 – 3:25
B. Manage Resellers Only or Resellers and Their Users 3:26 – 5:29
С. Reseller versus Host → What is the difference 5:30 – 7:10
D. Reseller Limits 7:11 – 8:32
E. Supported Limits 8:33 – 10:21
F. Edit Screen Changed 10:22 – 11:11
G. How Reseller Limits Work 11:12 – 12:03
H. Default / Package Limits 12:04 – 13:02
I. Host UI Statistics 13:03 – 13:27
J. Host UI Options 13:28 – 13:55
K. Host UI Packages 13:56 – 14:26
L. Reseller’s End User UI 14:27 – 14:41
M. Reseller WHM Interface 14:42 – 15:30
N. Disables Limits / No License 15:31 – 15:57
O. Reseller’s Historical Usage 15:58 – 17:18
P. Reseller’s Users Tab 17:19 – 18:15
Q. End User Statistic versus reseller’s usage 18:16 – 21:07
R. Options Tab for Reseller 21:08 – 21:59
S.ETA and Requirements 22:00 – 23:48
1. Does implementation of a Reseller Limits project slow down a roadmap of implementation of the Elastic Sites project? 23:49 – 24:21
2. What will happen if a reseller sets higher limits for his users than it has himself? (Is it possible?) 24:22 – 24:50
3. I believe in previous presentations it was said not to use 50% of a CPU as a setting. Don’t remember the exact info, but had to do that, it did not really work? 24:51 – 27:53
4. Will it be possible to check the stats on how many resources reseller is currently using for all his users before applying limits? 27:54 – 28:28
5. We use DirectAdmin. Will the LVE Manager also be available for DirectAdmin? 28:29 – 29:28
6. If the Reseller doesn’t have LVE Manager activated for him, will the “LVE Manager” be presented on “Plugins” section with the information to contact the administrator? 29:29 – 30:07
7. Will the integration be available with Plesk? 30:08 – 30:18
8. You previously recommended not to use limits lower than 100% CPU. Is this still true? If this is true, could there be a setting to only allow resellers to choose the number of CPUs and not, for example, 50% or 125%? 30:19 – 31:09
9. Can hosts block reseller access to some settings (like max number of processes)? For example, with LiteSpeed, some limits must be higher than LiteSpeed’s limits to avoid LiteSpeed restarting because of 503 errors. 31:10 – 32:02
10. We’re using cPanel API to control LVE limits today (for Elastic Sites)… I guess we can use it for reseller user as normal? 32:03 – 32:37
11. What are the plans about Plesk and limiting users and resellers? 32:38 – 32:48
12. Does your explanation of 100% CPU also apply to more than one core? So, 150% core would have lots of context switching on the second half core. So, two cores are better? 32:49 – 35:09
13. When yoг set CPU limit, for example, 10% is that 10% limit per CPU or 10% load across all CPUs? 35:10 – 35:43
14. You mentioned we can’t set limits for resellers in packages. Does that mean that we’d have to manually enable this for new resellers, or can we still edit the LVE Package and set standard reseller limits there? 35:44 – 36:40
15. Can we also have control over MySQL on a remote server via CloudLinux? 36:41 – 37:01
16. Will it be possible to set the minimum limits level that Reseller can set, for example, to avoid 10% speed that can cause generally higher load for the whole server? 37:02 – 37:56
17. Will the bundling of the reseller account total usage (including the usage of their sub-accounts) be added without needing to enable Reseller Limits? 37:57 – 38:22
18. What ratio of CPU over-commint do you recommend for resellers? 38:23 – 39:47
19. Can we separate the OS compute, like receiving compute for OS? 39:48 – 40:07
20. Are we going to see some reseller option for Imunify360? So that a reseller can handle IP blocks of their customers, for example (if that happens). 40:08 – 40:45
21. Resellers are often not that smart and would simply set all their clients to 1%; could that bring the server to its knees? 40:46 – 41:18
22. Giving that most processing of resellers isn’t done in cPanel, but via automation like WHMCS, is there a plan to work with WHMCS to have reseller “global” limits set via WHMCS provisioning instead cPanel? Otherwise, there’ll be manual work involved with every reseller order which may not be feasible. 41:19 – 42:41
23. Can you, please provide us with the limits of typical scenarios which we can use as a base for our usages? 42:42 – 43:24

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