ResellerClub Product Updates- April 2020

ResellerClub Product Updates- April 2020

An excerpt of ResellerClub product updates as of April 2020 presented by Pratik Jagdishwala, Group Product Manager- Hosting at ‘Ctrl+F5 Online!’

Ctrl+F5 is a multi-city tech & business summit to help web professionals learn, grow & refresh their web business. Ctrl+F5 is brought to web pros by ResellerClub – the platform provider catering to over 200,000+ web pros around the world. ResellerClub offers a range of web presence products to meet every web professionals’ needs.

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2 thoughts on “ResellerClub Product Updates- April 2020

  1. Guys your hosting products have really become bad. And your tech team seems not to be knowledgable like before. I am not able to login to my Resellerclub Account panel, not able to login to my webmail when takes like forever for pages to load, most of the times it doesn't load and I will give up. Especially doing work on my sites has been a big deal. It seems your solutions don't work well in Australia. I have sent several emails, and opened two tickets on this matter, and till now not resolved.

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