27 thoughts on “Run a PHP Script Automatically at a Specified Time

  1. hallo i want to update a table in tatabase after checking the date it was created if it is == 3o days updste values. and reset updated date ..like that how can i do that thanks for great explanation

  2. Hello Dave Hollingworth Channel,
    Thanks so much for your lession, it is very good and work for me
    But I want to know if task scheduler can execute another function beside insert query?
    For example: I want to export report as xlsx file everyday at 5:00 PM, Could I do that?
    Thanks in advance and hope to get your response soon.

  3. Is there a video about how to add a SQL file run like like that? I need to run an SQL Update every 15 minutes to clearing pending alerts.

  4. I need to do some scheduler manually since cron limited to one minutes only , + some projects I need to add/edit sheduler manually

  5. This is very very nice video, top, but with wrong title. The tutorial is not about php, but cron job.
    Thus i wanted to know about cron jobs, how it works and i never had opportunity to hear about that, it met my knowledge wish, despite of wrong title, where i something others expected. Thank you.

  6. Hi Dave, Can I run the script on a webpage? I want to learn how to create a script that will input my email address in a field and click submit once a day for x days. Cheers!

  7. Guys You can also check it here http://happycoder.me/2017/12/01/how-to-schedule-task-with-cron-job/

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