6 thoughts on “RunCloud webhosting cloud-panel review

  1. dont ever use this site they steal my money and refuse to refund they dont even provide i domain they tell you will get free domain but they are fucking lires and wast of money this is from experience dont use this website

  2. I have started using RunCloud, panel is really good.

    I also planning to try out ploi.io It doesn't have any review like this. Just letting you know. So you might be interested in creating new content.

  3. Hmm, RunCloud isn't really $6/month. Their cheapest plan is $6.67/m (for annual plan) + $5/m minimum for separate VPS account (+ possibly Email hosting too), so your cost if more like $11.67/m.

  4. Thank you for the review Johnny. I have one question if i install RunCache on my server and RunCache purger (plugin) on my site. WIll this cause any conflict with Swift performance ?

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