Running Python from the Cloud in 3 minutes

Running Python from the Cloud in 3 minutes

WayScript allows you to execute your python code from the cloud without having to setup a scheduler, cron, or a server. In this example, I build a Game of Thrones python script that emails me a GOT gif every morning.

Code From Video:

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12 thoughts on “Running Python from the Cloud in 3 minutes

  1. I am getting a different design of wayscript but I want to get design like in your video. How to get that?

  2. Hi. What about telegram bots? For example I made python telegram bot with selenium module, and I want to use my bot every day at 8:00 once per day. Can I use like? And Selenium uses chromedriver? How it works?

  3. In my python code , the creds are referred to a json file creds.json. is there a option to place my cress.json so that my python code can read it from there

  4. This is amazing, everyday I play around with it a little more and can't believe how easy it makes programming.

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