24 thoughts on “S3 URL Redirection | AWS | S3 | CloudFront

  1. Can you help me to understand this redirection? "Redirecting you to http://www.office.com.setup.s3-website-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/" What is this and how can we do it?

  2. Sir thanks a lot, just god knows for how many days i was looking for this thing, just one question sir..isnt there any other method of redirecting www.example.com to example.com? your method is great, just curious to know if there is any other method by changing something in the record sets?

  3. I feel the tutorial was let down by not taking the audience through the Certificate Request Section because there are other steps that need to be addressed beyond clicking 'Next'.

  4. Does anyone know how to forward domain.com/index.html to the root domain e.g., domain.com ? Not really clear how or the best way to do this?

  5. Important think here is copy endpoint URL(Manoj tells about it at 5:20) from bucket to CloudFront distribution 'Origin' field.
    I stayed default value in the field and got error with subdirectories at my site and permissions problems.

  6. Hi, does it work with wordpress and how to change cname ? Instead of Amazon Cloudfront Domain name, I would like to use my custom domain: ex: cdn.example.co.uk ? Is that possible to do that ?

  7. Oh my God THANK YOU!
    I've been trying forever to get my site to do non www -> www
    No one ever specified doing it with links and route 53

  8. In the S3 console, under Static website hosting, you have mentioned the target bucket as awsvidoes.com which is spelled incorrectly. How did it work then?

  9. Hey, i am facing a challenge here, as one of my subdomain is unavailable with S3 as its globally unique. can you help me find a workaround with the same stack (S3, cloud front and route 53)

  10. hey I want to redirect s3.amazonaws.com/a-b-c/index.html to s3.amazonaws.com/1-2-3/index.html how to do this please tell

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