Screensharing in Zoom - Screen-share Tutorial

Screensharing in Zoom – Screen-share Tutorial

How to screen share in Zoom, a zoom tutorial.
Zoom has some very extensive screen sharing features including
– sharing your desktop
– sharing an application window
– sharing a video
– sharing a mobile or tablet screen (cool)
– sharing a second camera (very cool!)

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41 thoughts on “Screensharing in Zoom – Screen-share Tutorial

  1. Hi Steve, I'm using a Windows PC and a Microsoft Lifecam Studio camera with Zoom. Just a quick question as to how are you able to get that circular insert video of yourself speaking while doing a Share Screen? Thanks for your informative YouTube videos.

  2. If you want to SHARE TWO SCREENS AT THE SAME TIME, and let the PARTICPANTS CHOOSE which screen they want to watch? Can this be done? ZOOM PERSONAL MEETING? or need WEBINAR ADDON??

  3. Will these screen sharing options also work well while going live with FB? What about lives for something like IGTV? Is there a way to screen share while broadcasting to IGTV?

  4. Hey Steve, I was wondering how I could share my camera while sharing my screen? I’m having trouble with it on my chrome book.

  5. Can we share online activity? I found a game online for my student and my student needs to answer them by dragging the answer to the question ? Thank you

  6. HI Steve , love your tutorials . For white board I do my notes in Word, copy and then it is ready for me to paste. Looks professional and a great time saver. It takes little time to do the next white screen while Zoom is on in the lesson.

  7. I’ve created a Thanksgiving video to share w family next week during a Zoom cocktail hour. It’s 20 min long. Is it better to just share f my screen or QuickTime? Will I hear my participants reactions?

  8. Hi, I need your help on how to work out my scenario.
    I would like to host an online exam and monitor the exam via zoom
    The exam is carried out in another online platform on my own university, what I need is that I would want my students to open their own webcams ( so that we know they are not being dishonest) and also at the same time sharing their screen to me so that I know they do not search for any answers online or seek help on the internet
    At the same time, the screen shared by my students should only be visible to me (else other students will be able to see each others answers) and I am able to toggle their screens from time to time
    So is there any settings that I can adjust for me to achieve all the requirements above?
    I would really appreciate your help, Thanks!

  9. Thanks Steve. I came here, seeking solutions to just activating volume from a shared clip on zoom and lm leaving with more insights. You’re amazing

  10. Another great video! Thank you! How do I add my Desktop to the window to select from when I screen share? Thank you!

  11. Those are neat features but I find that using a simple text editing program as if it were a whiteboard works really well for me. One feature I would really like to see is the ability to share multiple specific application windows without sharing my entire screen.

  12. For my computer I use a Wacom Intuos pad with either an Intuos pen or mouse. The pen works great for writing or drawing. The mouse I use when precision is needed to place the screen pointer. Wacom (Intuos) has a more affordable pad and pen series called Bamboo.

  13. Awesome video!!! I just have one question; how can I intersperse the video playing on my desktop with my speaking for commentary? I do want the video to have its own audio coming through as well. Thanks very much

  14. Is there a way in zoom to share one tab for the students to watch while I work on another tab? While the students may be watching a video I want to work on a document without them seeing it and without them hearing me type. thanks

  15. but how do you get the desktop into the share screen dialog bow to begin with/ answer please on9/27/2020 at 12 noon….

  16. Hello, enjoy your videos! When I try to screen share my iphone screen it shows up however it is literally the size of my phone. Is there a way to resize it so it fits the screen from top to bottom?

  17. Hi Dottotech, and Steve!
    I am at witts end with a screen sharing glitch. I have written to zoom, and have not had satisfaction . Here is the problem. I have a pro account. I lead meetings for a Small Weavers guild. We, recently have found by inviting speakers to share their screens.
    I have a Pro account with Zoom, and for some reason the "Portion of Screen" option for sharing my screen is now absent from my PRO Zoom app. All I see under the Advanced options are "Music or Computer Sound Only" and "Content from 2nd Camera". no portion share.
    When our members go to screen share, they all have the option to "share screen portion" option on their FREE app . They have that can see that option. But in the Pro account, I cannot.
    Does anyone know how I can re-enable this option? I have gone into settings and gone through each click. Am I missing something? Can you please point me in a direction that can help me enable this option for me? Any help with this is appreciated. Thank you!!!

  18. hello, i was wondering if it's possible to share my screen with a worksheet on it and the the person is able to edit the worksheet and answer the questions on they end?

  19. Sometimes I go to the green screen share button and open. Am able to click on share sound, on the lh side, however when I go to click on share screen on the rh side, the button is grey and unresponsive. When it works, the button is blue and when I press it works. It seems to be a hit and miss as to when this happens. Any ideas? Thx.

  20. I still didn't figure out how you swiped up from right bottom to have the youtube page annotated. Should I install some App for that? Thank you

  21. Steve! I am eager to share my iPad Pro during a Zoom meeting. I need that set-up in order to draw and create special notes during a meeting. Have you heard of the app, ManyCams? It is supposed to solve this problem and maybe it does a more seamless job of sharing screens. What do you think? I may go ahead and try to keep it all working within Zoom. That would be great but I'm open.

  22. Helpful. Thank you. Bit more sophisticated than I need (I only need to share a document as a participant), but very interesting to see the range of what's possible

  23. Dear Ditto,

    Thank you for your excellent video on Zoom screen sharing. I am having a problem because Zoom can't connect to my iPad. I think it might be something to do with a setting in Catalina OS. Have you come across this?

  24. Hi there! Thanks for this video. Hey, for some reason, the DESKTOP option do not appear in my sharing options… I can only share applications… any advice?

  25. Hi Steve! Thank you for the videos! Do you have a video that shows how to share screen in a Children’s app and then giving mouse access? Is there a way to limit mouse access so that students can only click in the app?

  26. So, so, so useful, Professor Dotto!!

    LOVE the second camera feature. Didn’t realise about it!

    I tried WiFi connection from iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (1st generation)… but wasn’t impressed with the crispness of the video. Maybe a bandwidth problem on my WiFi?

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