Self Hosting Foundry in the Cloud

Self Hosting Foundry in the Cloud

Today we’re taking a look at hosting Foundry ourselves in the cloud using Docker, Portainer, and Traefik based on a guide from Ben Price with a small addition of using Filezilla to upload our files for a better user experience. If you want the easiest Foundry hosting check out my video on the Forge here:

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00:00:00 – Overview/What You’ll Need
00:02:33 – Downloading the Software We’ll Use
00:04:16 – Setting up an SSH Key
00:05:36 – Setting up our DigitalOcean Server
00:07:35 – Pointing our Domain to our Server
00:08:59 – Connecting to/Updating our Server
00:10:53 – Adding a User Account
00:11:50 – Installing server utilities
00:13:32 – Securing our server
00:13:50 – Setting up Traefik
00:19:18 – Setting up Portainer
00:21:20 – Prepping to Add Foundry
00:24:00 – Adding Foundry to Portainer
00:28:04 – Enabling Audio/Video in Foundry
00:28:55 – IMPORTANT: How to Update
00:29:50 – Awesome Announcements!

27 thoughts on “Self Hosting Foundry in the Cloud

  1. This guide worked perfectly, you're awesome! One thing I found that was a snag was after I transferred all my local assets and worlds through filezilla, foundry couldn't access any files giving a permissions error. I had to go through filezilla and set public read/write permissions to all my asset, world, and module folders and cascade it down to all subfolders/files. Once that was done, it spun up without a single hitch, it's working beautifully.

  2. Hey Encounter Library – I went through the entire video and set up my docker exactly as you did, but I'm getting a Bad Gateway response when I go to the domain I set up. Worked entirely up to this point. Any idea what's going on? This is on a brand new droplet and all.

  3. I followed the instructions and Foundry is working well. I created a directory foundrydata/Data/images/characters/tokenizer, but when I try to get the Tokenizer to save its images there, the server returns a 502 error. I've tried it locally (not on the server) and it saves correctly. Tokenizer can also successfully save to the default location (foundrydata/Data/). Any clues on why the server is rejecting the POST here?

    It is actually happening to most uploads through foundry. I can only upload things by sending them through filezilla. But tokenizer can still save to the default /Data/ location.

  4. direckthit/fvtt-docker.latest doesnt work: Failure

    No such image: direckthit/fvtt-docker.latest:latest ((((

  5. Has anyone gotten this running on google cloud that can give some troubleshooting tips? I got my manage and monitor stuff setup and it all works but once i set up the foundryvtt portainer and go to my i get a 502 bad gateway. I am totally stumped at this point

  6. Can you answer a question? I'm stuck.

    Can't believe I got this to work (mostly). I'm a total noob at this, but your directions were crystal clear (even tho I was white-knuckling it through the terminal portions) – thank you! I decided to go with cloud hosting myself bc I filled up my trial forge account 3 Gig Assets limit on the first go through. I had painstakingly collected tokens and avatars for tons of monsters and put them in a Compendium shareable across worlds (running multiple campaigns, including a West Marches I'm planning to start in January). Think that might have done it. Bummer, bc it IS simple to use.

    I'm having some issues transferring content from my HD-based Foundry to the Server version. Getting a lot of EACCES errors, missing folders, scenes, etc.

    For example, I used a json to set up a SharedData Folder in modules that can share compendiums across worlds – Folders for monsters, spells, Items, weapons, everything. I've transferred the SharedData folder to my server version of Foundry, and the db files within it. The "My X" folders are there in compendiums, but I get another EACCES message when I try to access them. I'm clearly missing a step or two, or mixing up steps, or uploading the wrong way, or just plain screwing something up. Do I transfer the .DS_Store file as well? Is there a good place to start when trying to fix these EACCES/pathway/whatever they are errors? Here's the method I followed:

    tl;dr How do I reliably transfer content from my HD to the server? Dragging in Filezilla seems hit or miss, with dropped scenes and folders, and EACCES errors.

    Thanks so much for this and all of your highly informative videos. Loving Foundry after gritting my teeth for many months with Roll20.

  7. I'm having an issue during the traefik section. I set up the thing properly I believe because when I go to the thing it says the site is saying traefik and asking for account info. But when I put in admin as user and the password I set it just brings the log in screen again. I have changed the password multiple times even to just secure_password and I am still getting issues. Any suggestions?

  8. This has been super helpful all the way up to the VERY end when after deploying the container for the play subdomain for the first time, I'm getting a Bad Gateway error. I suspect it's an issue with either Traefik or the firewall issue. I've yet to find the configuration hiccup yet.

  9. Is there a way to do all this work on one computer and then I guess.. transfer it all to another?
    For example, if I do all this coding and all this programming and download all these programs to make it work, and then I get a new computer.
    How would that.. work? I should clarify, I have a very very small idea of what I'm doing in terms of the initial setup, but anything past that I'm kind of completely lacking knowledge.
    Do I basically just start the process all over on the new computer? Or is it able to be transferred somehow?
    I hope this makes sense!
    Thanks again for your amazing content!!

  10. Any chance you can share with us what you did to improve your audio quality? Looks like the mic is the same 🙂

  11. Hey! This is a great tutorial! Went through it last week and worked like a charm! However, with the recent release of version 0.7.5, I tried your update instructions, and it didn't work. I am still running the 0.6.6 version. Is there another step that needs to be completed?

  12. Does anyone know what I might've messed up on? I set my domain up with the same play/manage/monitor functionality as seen here, but when my players go through the play link, they come up to the Foundry main menu. I assumed it would take them to my world I'm sure I missed something though. Thanks for any advice in advance!

  13. Thanks for the great tutorial! I got my server up and running! Question though — Is it possible to run 2 instances simultaneously off the same droplet? I have tried to copy the docker set-up for a 2nd instance but once i start my 2nd instance, the first one 404's and the 2nd is unreachable. I have the A name record in my domain pointing to the 2nd instance "play2", and I have separate foundrydata folders for each container. (and yeah, I have 2 licenses for once this is working though that's obviously not the issue atm). Is there something else I should be changing?

  14. So, Foundry VTT seems amazing and I’m considering making the switch from Roll20 for me & my group. However, it seems like I need to have a solid understanding of coding/programming/scripting/html knowledge to use and set it up and to get it running. Is this actually the case?? Or is there a way for a neophyte like myself to use Foundry in a simple straightforward way?? I’ve watched your 12 part intro series, but the one thing I’m still unsure how to do, is host our game for my friends. Please help.

  15. For whatever reason, when attempting to run the docker-compose up -d I'm getting an error stating yaml.scanner.scannererror: while scanning for the next token found character 't' that cannot start any token in "./docker-compose.yaml", line 1, column 13 I've rebuilt that .yaml following along multiple times to the same end result. What am I missing?

  16. Hi, I'm not sure if you've use it personally but I've been using the Shared Data module, which I made per the instructions on the FVTT reddit. For some reason however, it doesn't seem to work in Foundry when I'm hosting it this way. It still works on my local install but not on the server.

  17. This is a top-notch video. Used you referral link to pitch in your server costs. Waiting for DNS propagation now, let's hope everything is working as it should =)

  18. So the update came out recently and I kept trying to apply it using the built in updater. It kept saying successful but when I'd refresh it would still show the 6.5 version. I then remembered that you mentioned in your video that we have to apply the updates sort of manually. I'm a little worried that you said trying to use the auto updater would break the docker container. I'm not sure what that means. Everything seems okay so far. I followed your update steps and I'm seeing version 6.6 now.

  19. I have a question, how do I import my local world in to a self hosted server, if I just move the files over it gives me an "EACCESS" code and says it doesnt have permission to open it.

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