SEO for Beginners: Rank #1 In Google in 2021

SEO for Beginners: Rank #1 In Google in 2021

This video is a complete SEO for beginners walk through and guide.

So if you’re new to search engine optimization, and want a crash course, this SEO tutorial is for you.

Here are some of the things that I’ll go over in this new video:

First, I’ll show you how to get started with keyword research. It doesn’t matter if you’re an SEO newbie or SEO expert, keyword research is HUGE. And in the beginning of the video you’ll see how to find the right keywords for you.

Then I’ll show you how to create epic content around each of the keywords that you just found. In the old days of SEO, as long as your on-page SEO was in place, you could rank. Not anymore. To rank on the first page of Google today, your content needs to be LEGIT.

Next up, you’ll learn how to optimize your content for users and search engines. This step includes a ton of tactical examples from my experience.

Finally, I show you how to optimize your post for SEO. This is the exact checklist that I use to optimize my own blog content at Backlinko. And it works.

All in all, you’ll have an SEO beginner’s guide that you can use to help rank your site on the first page of Google. Enjoy!

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38 thoughts on “SEO for Beginners: Rank #1 In Google in 2021

  1. Great video, just starting to learn SEO to optimize my blog writing AND because most clients are asking for it…Thanks!

  2. This is actually pretty is if your content contains porn, keywords would be very easy to find and link and all the world would love to watch your content! See it's easy when something you're trying to sale or advertise is actually craved and wanted by the public.

  3. I just Googled „How To SEO“ and thought myself, whoever’s Video shows up first must be the best in what he’s doing. So here I am. 🙌🏼

  4. Brian, I am so impressed with how simply you described steps that I, as a beginner, can understand. I think I can do this! Thank you for this motivating presentation.

  5. Very helpful. I love the detailed explanations, the references, and the tips. Truly great content and energy. thank you!

  6. I want to make this clear right away I am a small local service based owner operator that has to do everything marketing and building the website. For 6 years I have been in the top 3 but as of June 2021 I am at 6th and local map search 4th and if you are not in top 3 for get being seen I was 1st in local for 6 years. This is great content for marketing blogs but for a Service based company. Keywords, you could have the best keywords, Great content what? Who want to read about your day painting and the house you just painted You mean educate the customer how to DIY instead of hiring you? if you are going to do this you might as well make videos for a living instead of the service your providing! I am already spending 300 hours with internet content. Longer content wow even with 1500 words per page and 100+ pages the big companies have 1000s of pages. Links the Big companies pay for links and have over 1 million links with so many with high domain authority. None of their links are given to them because they have great or even good content. Your content is providing info that shows you are authority and helps so many people to do it themselves I respect this but for small local service based companies Google just hurts them. A hook for a local service like plumber, electrician or painters maybe a roofer and the hundred or more services I could think of this would be nice. Keyword page stuffing is still relevant as all the top service companies are doing it now it is just now dragged out with using similar words and readable content 6x just the exact 6 words you say that is not writing good content that is stuffing? LSI yes good. Optimize for user Faster mobile large print clean layout easy to read great for a blog or selling something on line. Local services most people just want to do you do what they want you to do and maybe can they trust you to do it In most cases they will come to your service page look for the phone number and call you they might go to the about page this takes less than 30 seconds and Google is going to punish your website for human laziness. Great Service based post teaching or educating then you might as well be a blogger not providing the service that you do. I agree clean readable design very important. Backlinks yes important but big companies buy them or create them by buying up properties "websites" or other companies even buying popular blogs or content websites so they can have the backlinks as well as the revenue from the advertising. Broken links there it goes again writing content that has to be epic and inspiring about a service as I said you might as well be a blogger or a content writer. Most local business owners in the trades alone are so busy let alone do not have great writing abilities. I get it pay some one else to do it, then you are no longer a small local business owner as you can not afford to do that.also most of those broken backlink sites want money for the backlink unless it is epic. Images yes use unique it is always better but in most cases so many people can not take a good picture and service based pictures boring or you better have lights and a very expensive camera with the proper lens also know how to use them and as well no how to use photoshop again as a small local service company owner most will not have this no how or the time to learn. And when you learn how to do all this to market your website you might as well become a SEO expert or a photographer or a writer- blogger providing services is now below you. thanks for your video it just makes me laugh at how little of this will really work for a service based company. Fresh good relevant content still seems to be the most important as Google is about providing it customers the people searching Good relevant content that is up to date. I have been changing every page in my website with new content every year without changing the page name or url name that is over 100 pages with fresh content 1000 to 1500 words this has worked well forgot to do it this winter and I think this is the only reason I fell in ranking. Let me know what everyone else thinks that runs a small local service based company.

  7. I made changes to my website during your video. I stopped the video after each suggestion and edited my site. THANK YOU Brian.

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