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  1. I have a question. I bought a domain only from 1&1. Do I need to buy email also from 1&1 before setting up Microsoft 365 for business or Microsoft server can receive the emais?

  2. Hi. GREAT video, thanks for posting.
    Will this work for microsoft 365 Family?
    I have just started a very small buisness and do not require full features of MS Teams, which is why i have opted for the family plan, i will probably update my plan as my business grows.
    I have read the microsoft 365 Consumer subscription license terms, below is an extract:

    "1.a(1) microsoft family subscription.
    For use by you and 5 additional members of your household (up to six users total."

    Further below the T&Cs in clause 4 of that section, it says:

    "1.a(iv) Other requirement.
    Except as permitted under Section 1.a(i) only one person at a time may use the service/software on each device. The service/software may not be used for commercial, non profit or revenue generating activities."

    I've interpreted this as the family version from the 3 plans under the home package is the only one that can be used for commercial because of the permitted exception.

    My question is whether you can create a custom domain in the outlook app that comes in the Family plan.

    Thanks again

  3. I have 365 home, im suppose to be able to make a custom email… but how? I dont have admin center only business 365 has that.

  4. Doesn't work if you have a personal Office365 account. Only for business accounts. You should make that clear.

  5. Thank you very much for such informative video. Sir can you please confirm me when we use a free trial business plan of office 365, can we register our domain or not?

  6. Hi, could you please let me know how to access the Office 365 Admin? I tried to download the app but they ask for a gift code?

  7. I must enter the fray here. Got a small business and bought office 365 business premium. What a nightmare, shouldn't it be easy in this day and age to set up my company emails on this. Gmail is free and so easy, so why is this so complicated. Very annoyed and a total rip off.

  8. I still don't understand why Office 365 has to complicate things so much. Why does it take our simple email and screw it up with a long complicated email that no one can remember. I'm uninstalling all this garbage and going back to my old outlook 2013.

  9. Hello,
    I have over 100 email users on my domain. I want to add 2 of them to 365 but leave everyone else's email the way it is.
    Is this possible? Or is this 365 an all or nothing environment?

  10. where do i find the Office 365 admin center in office 365 home ! i've spend hours trying to figure out how to install my own email to office 365.

  11. Thanks for the vid. Is it a requirement to connect Office 365 to a domain? – Sure, I'd like Outlook to connect to my work e-mail, but I have a life outside of work, and also laptops that don't have Office 365. So I don't want to be obliged to do everything through my work domain / Office 365 combination. Thanks.

  12. i still have exchange on premise running and just started testing out office 365. I added our domain now at office 365 but only changed the tx record. our on premise domain now and office 365 now has the same domain name. if i send an email using office 365 and reply to it, it goes to my on-premise exchange (like microsoft outlook) but no the outlook office 365. is this correct since i do not want to move all my email yet to office 365? you showed how to add an mx record to your provider, will that cause all email to go to office365 and not to your outlook client?

  13. Lol
    I thought you were going to say: "My password is: (whatever your password is)"
    Not "My password stays the same."

  14. Before proceeding towards Office 365 environment, it is advised by experts to check feasibility of this one environment.

    It seems costly & annoying for small scale industries as well as non-technical users.

  15. Nice video. Just one question: when i connect our business domain to office 365, will this have any effect on our local exchange server? It would be nice if both, office 365 and exchange, work parallel.

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