Setting up a shared hosting workflow

Setting up a shared hosting workflow

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Tutorial Playlist:

In this video I walk you through the process I go through to set up my local development environment and put everything in place in order to push files up to the live site on the shared hosting account.

Getting a WAMP or MAMP environment up and running:

My learning journey

8 thoughts on “Setting up a shared hosting workflow

  1. Hey Mike, do you use git for any of your projects? I switched from Fz and duck to just using git pushes with some hooks and it has made everything much smoother and MUCH faster!

  2. Thank you for showing this and not worrying about appealing to people who already have expertise. This is the perfect example of the type of thing I wouldn't even know to ask about.

  3. Another useful video 🙂 Great idea doing these things live…:) Live coding session in the future maybe? 🙂

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