Setting up Cloudways Web Hosting (for non techies)

Setting up Cloudways Web Hosting (for non techies)

Setting up Cloudways Web Hosting (for non techies)

Cloudways is our preferred host for most clients. That’s because it’s super simple to use and includes caching that makes your site lightning fast without much optimisation.

The initial setup is a little more technical than conventional web hosting. This video shows you what you need to do to get going with your first WordPress website on Cloudways.

Sign up for Cloudways here:

00:28 Signup
01:06 Login
01:35 Creating a server
02:08 Choosing the infrastructure
02:44 Chooing a server size
04:30 Creating team members
04:55 Team permissions
05:23 Outgoing email setup
06:15 SendGrid setup
07:24 Server Setup – SendGrid
08:01 Server Access via SFTP
08:19 Automatic backups
08:50 Disabling Varnish cache on a development server
09:10 Application Settings
09:50 LetsEncrypt SSL
09:57 Restoring Application/WordPress backups
10:15 Recommeded Application settings
11:00 Migrating existing WordPress to Cloudways

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7 thoughts on “Setting up Cloudways Web Hosting (for non techies)

  1. Thanks, this has helped me setup cloudways, I'm still getting my head round it as quite different to cPanel shared hosting…I've discovered they charge for backups, if you don't mind what's your experience of the monthly costs please?

  2. awesome explainer, thanks! I'm almost moved to the Cloudways. The only thing holding me back is lack of emails. I'm used to HostGator where I set up tons of email addresses for free. In this scenario I have to pay extra for both transactional emails, as well as email boxes (probably, it's a good idea to use Google Suite for that).

  3. Awesome vid mate! Im looking at CloudWays as my hosting platform from InMotion (Theyre great, i've just been reommended to get away from cPanel for clients who dont even need access to it)

    Question tho: What would you recommend for billing/tracking client sites?
    Via InMotion i was using WHMCS, but i dont know how to do it for CloudWays.
    Is there a 3rd party tool for it? Thanks!

  4. I Get this msg for sighing up

    You Are Almost There…

    Your account on Cloudways Platform is getting ready. Please start a chat to get your access.

  5. great video but would also be helpful to know what to do after migrating. Probably pointing domain to the other service provider or how else is the internet recognizing that the website is with a new hosting provider or cloud hosting provider?

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