28 thoughts on “Setting Up Private Email Account With NameCheap

  1. great tutorial you perfectly done it bro . could you please tell me what if you got emails to inbox but to promotion section , how can we deliver it to Primary instead?

  2. Excellent tutorial….Very very helpful and straight forward…Thank you for taking the time to add value through this channel…God Bless.

  3. Don’t deal with Namecheap. Through the use of Bitcoin and WhoisGuard criminals and spammers can hide behind this secrecy for illegal purposes. Also, reviews suggest that they do not act when people report and bring these abuses to their attention.

    I have complained about a phishing site which is hiding behind their protection and they refuse to act. Innocent families are getting ripped-off big time. Richard Kirkendall the CEO should be ashamed of himself!

  4. why you doing this ?

    you don't have to purchase and pay for this service and all this stuff

    it's completely free and takes only 1 minute to setupe your email

    go to cpanel/Email account/create [email protected]

  5. Good job Vick. If you have a hosting account with namecheap you can just create that same email acct in the cpanel.

  6. You talk too too much which is related to the topics, why? Do not talk much while showing anything………… helll

  7. very helpful. BTW – the user can click on ANYof the options (even customize their own), so long as they ONLY HIGHLIGHT ONE of the opinions – not 2 or more. Just click one option.

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