Setting up *Your Own* Git Server

Setting up *Your Own* Git Server

If you want to keep your projects on your own server or website, without using Github or Gitlab or a similar site, it’s actually extremely easily. In this video, I set up a git server on my website at It is easy and doesn’t really cause any bandwidth strain or other issues. Later, I’ll be adding on a GUI html interface called stagit.

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34 thoughts on “Setting up *Your Own* Git Server

  1. Nice video, did you made the second part for it as well? Setting up the Web Interface for the Git Server?

  2. Luke, there's a Git service I've recently discovered called Sourcehut. Looks very promising. May be something you'd enjoy. Nice features, without all the bloat. And the goal is to have zero JavaScript. Or at least close to it. And without the social media features like stars etc. Just a good ol' Git email list. Oh, and you can self-host it.

  3. I want to expose the git server online. how do i harden the endpoint so that it uses only ssh protocol is allowed. I cant see anything online on it.

  4. Luke Smith: "Debian and Ubuntu are for posers. Arch is so much better." Also Luke Smith: Does his tutorial on a Debian server.

  5. Superb video, I followed along and had my very own dotfiles backed up to my private server in no time.
    Truly, thou art a scholar and a gentleman.

  6. any possibility you could post the second video going through the process for making a web frontend? I have been going through hell with gitweb, teach us senpai

  7. Hey Luke, thanks a lot for this video just did this for my local hp device, i was wondering is there a way i can make a ""Root folder" for all the repositories to automatically push to when i do "git push home master" so i can have '/var/www/git/' as the location at the end of the URL in gitconfig instead of '/var/www/git/project_name.git' or do i really need to use 'git remote add' every time? Thanks again i'm smiling like a maniac now i have a self-hosted repo!

    Edit: Also forgot to mention i REALLY love the idea to put in in /var/www/ as im building my little hp box into an offline backup of sorts, it already has map data, stack exchange, and a few other dumps that i can read offline, along with a a copy of the NHS site and pubmed database for if i need medical information but dont have internet.. a

  8. when you haven't even recorded for 3 continuous minutes, but you already flexed your stylesheets on another website and called out a distro for being bloated lmao

    for real though, other people can learn a lot from you about getting to the point.. I don't need 8 minutes of introduction and 5 "messages from our dear sponsors" on a 15 minute video with content that could've been handled in 3 minutes

  9. The 2nd part on this series, i.e., the part Luke explains how to setup a web frontend, is not yet uploaded, is it?
    At least I cant find it…

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