setup a FREE VPN server in the cloud (AWS)

setup a FREE VPN server in the cloud (AWS)

Setup a free VPN server in the AWS cloud using OpenVPN.

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26 thoughts on “setup a FREE VPN server in the cloud (AWS)

  1. Hello i can access my account, i can see my instance running. But inside my openvpnconnect software, i forgot my userID and password, i cannot connect to the configured vpn. can you help? How do i do it?

  2. Better to use this: That will use modern WireGuard instead of outdated Open VPN protocol.

  3. So why didn't you say the monthly traffic limit?
    this is not a good option to use 24/7.

  4. thank you for this great tutorial,

    with regards from the Netherlands


    Edit, the OpenVPN server is up and running even is the pi-hole server.
    Next bump to overcome is how to let OpenVPN on AWS to only look at Pi-hole !!

  5. Thanks so much for the energy that you bring to this content (I watch your vids before interviews 🙂
    Anyone else having trouble authenticating to the admin terminal? Used the passwd assigned in the terminal but could not get into the mix and got locked out :(. Will keep trying though. And for what it could be worth (on a different note): keep the devops stuff coming! Thanks again sir!

  6. @ 6:37 Hey, just wanted you to know you have it set to NOT change clients DNS settings. That means traffic flows through the VPN but your real IP still asks for DNS requests. If you wanna "hide" i would set it to "Have clients use the same DNS servers as the Access Server host." then your ISP wont see you making the DNS requests and all traffic will be encrypted.

  7. Thanks, Chuck! I used this tutorial but changed the prerequisites. Instead of coffee i used a can of Coke. 🙂 I had no idea you could get an AWS account for free! I see the ppl saying it sucks cause Amazon will have all your network traffic BUT i plan on using this VPN for "sharing home videos with my internet buddies" only. Great video.

  8. Can you make video about setting VPN server on your home router and then use that as your vpn from a different country, so that no matter where you are in the world your inetrnet traffic will show that you are at your home 😉 . I don't want to use VPS or any third party vpn service providers.

  9. Now you can create a gateway user put it on a raspberry pi and get access to any network you plug it into.

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