Setup and Install WordPress on Google Cloud Platform (Bitnami)

Setup and Install WordPress on Google Cloud Platform (Bitnami)

In this video you will learn how to install WordPress on Google Cloud Platform using the Bitnami version of WordPress on Google Cloud Platform.

To view this tutorial with each command listed individually, visit:

Did you know that there are multiple versions of WordPress on Google Cloud Platform? Choose which version is best for you:

Check out the entire WordPress on Google Cloud series at:

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24 thoughts on “Setup and Install WordPress on Google Cloud Platform (Bitnami)

  1. What did you think of this tutorial?
    If you want to view this tutorial with each command listed step-by-step, check out the version at
    Thanks for watching!

  2. Is there a way to get back to the screen which appears during deployment, showing URL, login, Documentation, etc.? Thanks! Love your site and these videos!

  3. It's wonderful, I was thinking to install WP on Google cloud for some time and always confused how it gonna be work out for me. Your tutorials are clear, easy to understand and the best part is it works all the time. Thank you so much for saving 100s of our working hours.

    When I try to access the site using the domain name in the address bar, it redirects to its link. I am not sure why that is happening, I have not applied redirection rules in hosting.

    Is that common behavior for a multisite?

  5. What nameservers do I add on my domain panel? I could replace the IP Address with domain name, how do I point to the domain to the IP?

  6. Hi Joe. Thanks for the video.
    Can you please tell me how to access phpmyadmin after the installation?

    And where can I find the WordPress files?

    Please reply soon

  7. price per month.marketplace is not free so you can
    take a video about how can you install wordpress via SSH as free

  8. I followed all the steps however, my extranal IP address ends with when I click on the see website. This is creating problems when I am posting my domain to the website. Please help!

  9. Thank you joe
    But this free for 12 months only ?
    So what for next 1 year ??
    I must pay ??
    Them need my cart bank for sign up and for i pay ???!

  10. Curious why you always choose bitnami? Must be an SSH thing – as a PC user, I found the whole SSH key and operation uber annoying. Why not choose the base option?

  11. Hello, Thanks for the great tutorial.

    I'd like to know between installing WordPress on Google Cloud via Bitnami and Google Click to deploy which you recommend? Are there any advantage or disadvantage to either.

    Thank you.

  12. Hi, I've run into a problem. I can't edit my wordpress site URL. I tried editing my wp-config from SFTP FileZilla access but that brought the whole site down and I had to restore the original file. The problem is the "Home" page of the website is directed to the external IP of the vm computer and for obvious security reasons, I don't wish the home page to point it to that IP.

    Any help you can extend on this front will be greatly appreciately.

    I have watched so many videos on your channel and learned so much from it. I have great respect and appreciation for the fact you've shared this knowledge and conveyed it in a fashion that laymen like me with no CCNA or webdev background are on their way to becoming webdevs in their personal right. God Bless!

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