Setup Automatic Backups for Websites on Google Cloud

Setup Automatic Backups for Websites on Google Cloud

Want to create automatic backups of your websites on Google Cloud? In this tutorial you will learn how to configure a simple script to automatically backup your websites running on Google Cloud Platform (Compute Engine).

View this tutorial with each of the copy and paste commands listed individually:

Before starting this tutorial, you should have already configured a static IP address for the VM that is running your website:

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13 thoughts on “Setup Automatic Backups for Websites on Google Cloud

  1. To view this tutorial with each step listed individually with images:

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  2. Hi, I may be missing something critical here. I 'think' I created an automated snapshot schedule without stopping the VM machine, setting the read/write permissions or doing any command line tasks.

    I clicked on Compute Engine > Disks. I clicked on the VM instance and scrolled down to Snapshot Schedule. It then allowed me to create a snapshot schedule. Then clicked save.

    Will that not work? it just seems easier than what you're doing but I fear that I may have just not done anything useful. Before I move my production website over I want to make sure its working.

  3. Two Questions
    1. Can't we just create and schedule snapshots from the snapshots tab itself? Is there any advantage to the way you did it?
    2. How do I reinstall these backups? (Found this answer on another OnePageZen Tutorial. Looks like you have to create another instance)
    Thanks so much for your amazing tutorials!

  4. Thank you for this
    But is there any limit on time because I want to create backup every 10 mins
    I used following command
    10 * * * * /opt/google-compute-snapshot/ -d 2 >> /var/log/cron/snapshot.log 2>&1

    when I test it works fine but its not running automatically

  5. Thanks you so much! Keep making such awesome videos. Because of your tutorials I was able to migrate by website on google cloud, point domain, create backups! everything cause of your awesome tutorials. Thank you once again! 🙂

  6. Hi jio,
    Your tutorial are very helpfull for me i requested 3 month ago how to setup CDN on google cloud kindly make a tutorial on CDN setup for wordpress sites thanks alot

    i m waiting for your update.

    Thanks faheem

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