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  1. It's important to backup not just the depot folder, but the database well (and in order to take a safe backup of the DB, the server has to be stopped). Ideally, should backup the journal file and rotate it periodically as well. Without the database, it would be tricky to restore a project from the depot directory alone. If you only ever care about keeping latest revision or just a few revisions, you can set a typemap option (+S) that will automatically purge older revisions as you submit (save) new ones.

  2. microsoft redistributable is over 14.XXXXXXX uninstall miscrosoft redistributable and p4v and run this installer again but i click ok and it goes to the p4v installer like normal idk if this is ok to ignore for now i am ignoring it

  3. I am using Perforce for revision system for my Unity 3D project. I have submitted bout 90 revisions and now my hard drive is out of memory. I checked the Perforce depot it is taking about 25 GB space. The project I am working is only 2 GB of total size.

    How to remove old revisions?

    I just want to keep few revisions. How to reduce from 25 GB of depot space?

    Is there a simple way to change the depot from C Drive to D drive in my hard disk?

    I am using P4V for all operations.

  4. Great Tutorial, The Dropbox "backup" is incomplete, you need to run a "checkpoint" on the perforce server periodically. to save your metadata.

  5. Great tutorial. Clear and concise. I'm assuming Perforce version controls the large file game assets as well as the code. If I wanted to use Gitkraken for code only and then Perforce for large files I'm assuming that is as simple as setting up the right file ignores? Can anyone confim that?

  6. Solved "Perrforce Version Control Plugin connected to Unity. Perforce connection is not online. Perforce client workspace not present on the Perforce server. Please check your Workspace setting in the Editor Settings." errors where P4V/cmdline submits work but P4 submits inside unity did not work by:
    Making sure that each root workspace folder == the unity project folder.

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