Shared Hosting tips in United Arab Emirates

Shared Hosting tips in United Arab Emirates

Munir Badr, CEO and Filip Borcov, CEO discussing about Shared Hosting tips in UAE
00:11—Largest web hosting provider and domain name registrar
00:23 GCC countries: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE
00:45 ae costs $33-55/year
01:20 Cost price is pretty high, but Emirati people prefer local domains
02:00 Population ~9.6M, Internet penetration 99%
02:30 ~220K .ae domains
03:06 Until 2007 .ae was managed by Local ISP, after delegated to registry
03:46 People buy from 1 to hundreds domains
04:29 Pricing is higher inside the country, because of expensive bandwidth
04:55 Pure local hosting: shared, dedicated, domains, etc.
05:11 People pay more, to have local service
05:58 Package similar to what is offered outside, but local
06:42 Cards, PayPal, ApplePay and Payment gateways: PayFort, PayTabs, Telr
07:33 Online advertising is easy for big competitors
08:08 No big world brands have physical presence in UAE
08:28 Clients now prefer local product, and local approach
08:38 Global trend—closing even virtual borders for outsiders
09:34 Lifehack #1: Create different value for customers
10:02,, and more to be announced
10:30 a start-up from 2005
10:50 Huge network of resellers around the Globe
11:23 LTR (Left-to-right) Arabic products are not as easy as they seem
11:52 Arabic is official, English is business language
12:10 Or website is only in English 🙂 Support 24/7 in Arabic and English
12:42 Local and offshore hosting (Europe and USA)
13:25 Cloud hosting—people can move from one server to another
13:51 works fast even in the dessert
14:22 Lots of Website Builders in UAE
14:40 Website Builder is very powerful tool
15:00 You can just now go and create your website. Online…
16:03 Website import—cool technology
16:30 Website import—an easy way to switch between providers
16:55 Website Builder – create upsell opportunity
17:37 Fail: Selling domains 50% cheaper than cost price
18:33 Lifehack #2: Never launch in a hurry and before the night
18:53 Lifehack #3: Selling cheaper than cost price, not always works
19:20 Limited time promotion work, but longtime is a key
19:55 Lifehack #4: White/Black/Orange Fridays and cost-price does not generate big hype
21:17 Lifehack #5: Bundling expensive domain with package (builder, hosting and email) goes well
21:59 Lifehack #6: Free deals generates mostly free users
22:14 Growth hacking and everyday testing is a norm
22:42 Lifehack #7: All businesses react differently to plan changes
24:30 Some clients know what they want, others appreciate call help
25:28 Assist clients, learn about their needs and then upsell
25:50 Economic zones with own commercial laws
26:50 7 Emirates: free zones with tax benefits, no corporate/income tax
27:58 EU tax regulations are very complicated 🙁
28:48 AE tax system is very simplified (almost in economic zones)
30:10 EU requires document for every expenses. Russia requires signed paper. AE economic zones zones—nothing
30:46 Lamborghini, Ferrari and others are even cheaper in UAE
31:17 5% VAT only
31:57 Couple years ago, gasoline cheaper than water. Btw, EU water often is more expensive than gasoline
33:25 Huge potential in Biggest data center to host everything within UAE
33:25Paradise for the data
33:59 GCC cooperation is good for making business
35:07 Nothing is impossible in Dubai

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  1. It was a pleasure participating in this interview! Thanks Filip!

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