Shared Hosting vs VPS | Web Hosting Explained

Shared Hosting vs VPS | Web Hosting Explained

In this Hostinger Academy video we’ll discuss two types of hosting; shared hosting vs VPS (virtual private server). After finishing this video it will be much easier to decide which hosting type is the right fit for you.

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➖ Web hosting explained ➖

Web hosting is allocated space on a web server to store websites files. Every website you have ever visited is hosted on a server. Basically web hosting is a place where you keep all files of your website such as images, code, etc. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

The most popular types of web hosting are shared, cloud, VPS, and dedicated. In this video we will cover shared hosting vs VPS (virtual private server). All the information can be found in the video but if you like to read then here’s the summary of both hosting types right here 🙂

🟪 Shared Web Hosting

It’s that type of hosting where you’re sharing resources on the same server with other websites. These are the resources you’ll be sharing CPU, RAMs, and disk space. The good thing about shared web hosting is that it’s affordable and it’s a great choice for beginners. The down side of this type of hosting is that you’ll be sharing resources with other websites. If there will be an increase of traffic on the same server (it can be any other website on the same server) your website might experience some errors. Even though this might sound scary don’t worry about that this happens very rarely.

When you are a beginner shared web hosting is a great choice. This type of hosting is easy to use and if you’ll need more resources you can always upgrade to a better shared hosting plan. Usually shared hosting can handle around 3,000 visitors per day.

🟪 VPS Hosting

You can even tell from its name that it’s completely opposite to shared web hosting because it says private. It’s true! With this type of hosting you’ll get dedicated resources and you’ll not be sharing them with anyone else. Doesn’t this sound great?

Yes, it does sound great! But there is a small downside, to manage this type of hosting you’ll need some technical knowledge. If you’re a beginner this might be a little bit confusing but if you’re ready for a challenge virtual private server might be a good fit for you.

VPS can handle more traffic and you will gain full root access. You might be wondering what’s that? It’s simple. With a full root access you’ll be able to install various operating systems on your server, which will give you more control over your server. But let’s be honest, this information might be more relevant to more advanced users.

Virtual private server will cost more than shared web hosting but you’ll have more control over it. But if you’re a beginner who’s looking to build a WordPress website shared web hosting might be a better choice.

In conclusion of shared hosting vs VPS we can say that shared web hosting is more for beginners and VPS is for more advanced users. Both types of hosting are great but it depends a lot on what you are looking for.

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Thank you for watching our video! Good luck on your online journey!🚀

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