Simple Perforce Setup on AWS EC2 From Windows

Simple Perforce Setup on AWS EC2 From Windows

This is just a quick video to go over the first time setup for getting a Perforce Helix server going on an Amazon Web Services EC2 instance.

Introduction and Downloads
Amazon Web Services –
Perforce Helix Core (P4D) –
Perforce Helix Visual Client (P4V) –

Installing PuTTY – 2:29
EC2 Setup – 4:56

38 thoughts on “Simple Perforce Setup on AWS EC2 From Windows

  1. I can't seem to figure this out and I am not what I am doing wrong. I was following good until it got uploading P4D. The file I have is helix-core-server.tgz. I saw in the feed it said to Unzip I did that and got the tar file which didn't upload either. I unzipped the Tar and tried the P4D and it failed as well.

  2. Worked great! Had to use a couple of comments to fix what others had highlighted, the p4d is in the helix rar file so don't forget to extract that and I also had to do:-

    Kjeld Pedersen

    1 week ago

    @beguiledfoil also in addition to that for me to get it working I had to go to putty configuration by loading putty and clicking on the default settings and hitting save. (read from another site, as i was getting this, ssh_init: Network error: Cannot assign requested address) for some reason it wasn't seeing port 22, by doing this it did. Thanks

  3. If anyone runs into an error during the pcsp step saying "cannot assign requested address", use the option -P 22 to specify the port. That fixed it for me.

  4. at 11:50 it says no such file or directory. I didn't have a p4d in my perforce folder at first and manually put it in from a new installation but it still does not work.

  5. hi am trying to solve the pscp command for copying p4d to server? @10:45 mark I tried all types of different variations but I get this ssh_init: Network error: Cannot assign requested address. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. I couldn't get pscp to work but I manually downloaded it from the linux by using
    " wget"

  7. hello, At 10:45 it still says it cant find p4d "no such file as directory" I double checked and everything is the same as you and the previous steps all worked! Any ideia what is happening?

  8. If I do the same things on google cloud, everything works except at the very end I cannot connect. Is there somewhere a tutorial for gcp?
    I allready set it up on aws but I think gcp has better conditions. Thank you anyways for this tutorial!!
    EDIT: I made a youtube tutorial on this topic:
    If you want you can also join my discord, also for questions regarding the setup in aws

  9. Absolutely perfect tutorial. Thank you and than you all the people asking questions. Helped me figure out things I never thought I could!

  10. Hi Ben, thanks for your video. Very informative and to the point. I want to know what happens if (at the end of the setup, where we have p4d running on the EC2 Instance and with depots/files on the server) we decide to stop that instance and then start it. Are all of the perforce files lost?

  11. Excellent tutorial! Stupid question however, can anyone help me figure out how to issue p4 commands to the server after its all up and running?

  12. The P4D download link now has a "helix-core-server" zip. The P4D file is not available and is now called "Helix Core (P4D) Server". Any ideas? I'm getting stuck at the 10:45 mark.

  13. Thank you. I appreciate the straightforward delivery without all the click to subscribe bullshit for 20 mins. You rock.

  14. I'm getting this error when trying to run ./p4d
    Database is at old upgrade level 29. Use 'p4d -r /home/ec2-user/perforce -xu' to upgrade to level 33.

    What exactly do I have to plug in to run the p4d -xu?

  15. When I add the p4d line, I get this " Local to local copy not supported" Whould you know what causes this? thanks

  16. Great video, at 5:36 I noticed you leave "Delete on Termination" checked. Are there any consequences to that if using the server for a long term p4 server?

  17. At 9:40 , I am getting an error on my instance window that says " No supported authentication methods are available"

  18. Question. The step at 8:40 , what directory am I looking for? Its not on my desktop. I have P4D and P4V already installed.

  19. Is there a way to pair this with other AWS storage options? I'm worried EC2 isn't the best place to store my files, with regards to overall cost of storage, and backups.

  20. This is amazing, thank you. If you have other tips and tricks for managing projects via Perforce and AWS, I love to know more. Either way, great work!

  21. Sir, you really helped me on this as I had no idea where to start. Kind regards, I followed your steps like a breeze. Thanks big time!

  22. Excellent tutorial. I do have one question though, when I first made a user, it didn't prompt a window telling me I have superuser permissions. Is there a way to set this afterward?

  23. Thank you so much for this video, very well explained with clarity and thus I was able to perfectly execute the commands and start the Perforce server for a small project. Cheers!

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