43 thoughts on “Site Kick Short Version

  1. WORST HOSTING EVER!!!!! Host Gator knocked both my websites poordonkey.com and bluepillsheep.com offline without warning because of CPU usage.

    Fair enough, I wiped out half the website through my files. Stopped Google Adsense and needed to stop Google from crawling the site… ALMOST TWO DAYS LATER the site is still not up and all I get from the help desk is "I apologize our best admins are working on it."

    I even upgraded the site a few months back because in order to do anything I had to wait 5 minutes for the screen to change. I smoke cigarettes outside my house. I literally had to hit the Publish" button then go out an have a cigarette, and come back and STILL wait for the draft to be published.

    USE A DIFFERENT WEB HOSTING company. I won't say which because it'll make this review look like an ad, just don't use Host Gator

  2. So at 0:05 when the gator turns and the voice starts, it looks to me like the voice is coming from the gator and I imagine a version of the ad narrated and walked through by a person in the gator outfit. It makes me giggle stupidly every time.

  3. Legen…wait for it…..keep waiting for it…..longest minute ever…..
    Funny ad tough but the site kick should be in slow, very slow motion.
    …are you still waiting ? ..so am i

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