SiteGround Vs Bluehost WordPress Hosting (Head-to-Head Showdown)

SiteGround Vs Bluehost WordPress Hosting (Head-to-Head Showdown)

I put Bluehost vs SiteGround head to head to see which one comes out on top as the best shared hosting solution for WordPress.

Check out SiteGround here ➜
Look at Bluehost here ➜

Since both of these web hosts are recommended by WordPress, I do an apples-to-apples comparison in multiple categories based on the information they display on their websites, as that is the information most people will review when making a decision.

The first category is support, this is the most important thing to consider when choosing web hosting because at some point something will go wrong and when it does you want to have available, responsive support reps to resolve your issue. You’ll see which one offers more options to contact support, and which gives a faster response.

Next is speed. The faster your website loads, the better the experience for the visitor, especially if they are on mobile. The foundation of a fast loading website is the server hardware where your website is hosted. What we’re looking for is technology they tell us they use in order to make their servers perform at fast speeds.

After that, I do a comparison between the features that #SiteGround and #Bluehost provide, starting with the features they both have in common, then covering what each has that the other doesn’t. There could be some features one offers that the other doesn’t that ends up being the deciding factor for your choice.

I also like to take a look at what other people say about these WordPress hosting companies. There are a couple of polls taken by a WordPress Facebook group which compares a bunch of different #webhosting companies. I’ll show you where each of these companies ranks in relation to each other and the other hosts in the poll. And I’ll also bring up what people are saying about the owners of a particular company.

And lastly is pricing. As with any purchase, we want the one that is going to give us the most value for our buck. One is more expensive than the other, but is it offering more or less features for the higher price? You’ll find out.

Resources mentioned:
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29 thoughts on “SiteGround Vs Bluehost WordPress Hosting (Head-to-Head Showdown)

  1. If you purchased web hosting from either of these two companies, use #GiantSlayer in the comments and tell me and others which one you picked and why.

  2. Thanks for making this video….I'm watching more than a year later but BH did tell me today that they do have SSD servers (upon me asking if they did, like SG does)….do you know if they've upgraded? Do you know if they haven't and were just telling me that? Thanks in advance for any input…nearly impossible to make a logical decision with all of the conflicting reviews…liked and subscribed

  3. thank you, i will use site ground for my web host, i m also selling my art post online, i m tangled host platform between Woocommerce hosting or wordprss hosting? witch platform good for me as a novice? thank you!

  4. I actually comparing between BlueHost and SiteGround to chose one for my future eCommerce WebSite ( WooCommerce Store ). I think that regarding BlueHost, it's not fair to take just the normal category called 'WordPress hosting' as a reference while BlueHost offers also WooCommerce hosting and WordPress Pro (new hosting category).
    When I compare I find that the only missed thing in BlueHost is CloudFlare CDN
    Can you please recheck BlueHost and tell me your opinion about the new arrival WP Pro and why you ignored the hosting category ' Woocommerce hosting ' while you consider it for SiteGround ?

  5. Such a helpful video. I've been looking at alternatives to Bluehost ever since I realized my website was running terribly slow and one of the main issues was server response time. You are 100% right in that you get what you pay for with Bluehost (buy cheap get cheap…). I'm convinced about making the switch from Bluehost to Siteground (not just from your video but also many others who recommend it and basically the entire internet minus those who do affiliate marketing for Bluehost…). Bluehost has been a waste of money for me and I recommend that people avoid them. I actually had a good experience with their customer service though. But the second I started bringing up the issue with slow server response time they went a bit shady and quiet (one rep just flat out didn't answer me). #GiantSlayer

  6. Very nice job young man. Originally I was going to choose bluehost because of a young couple I subscribed to. After listening to you, I've changed my mind. Although I am still enjoying their program on blogging. Again, thank you :-).

  7. I moved from 1&1 IONOS to Bluehost and now I am thinking of moving some of my important sites to SiteGround and continue with Bluehost since I already paid for the full year. The only thing holding me back from migrating to SiteGround is their cPanel. You see, on Bluehost they have this modern looking user interface (UI) for the cPanel and SiteGround has this kinda of old school looking cPanel which kind of puts me off. But hey, at least with Siteground I will get faster load times so I am definitely thinking of moving some of my important sites to Siteground and having some websites on Bluehost until my year is up with them.

  8. for october 2019 if you want to be fairly treated go with siteground. siteground is european based and bluehost is american. Bluehost changed their refund policy so if you or they cancel your account after 30 days you cannot get a refund (even if you paid $100s in advance). They sometimes dont allow you transfer your domain or download your site. Its very difficult to talk to someone fro help they just give you email addresses that dont work.

  9. excellent comparison. I also think that siteground is a bit better hosting option. They will throw in cloudflare included in the price. I picked #GiantSlayer Siteground first because I would need cloudflare for my blockchain project, second in a case I would need to add something beyond wordpress it's easier on siteground. Price is still low

  10. Great information! I'm about to make my very first own personal website and I'm thankful I watched this video. Thanks for sharing this… More power to you!

  11. Why do you insist on Bluehost not having SSD drives? They clearly state they host your site on a SSD drive. Even the cheapest plan offers 50 GB SSD Storage.


  13. Love your videos, well analysed, well explained, clear voice and presentation. Not sure why your subscribership is low, but the comments have been really positive. Keep up the excellent work!! By the way, its my first comment in YouTube. Just wanted to do you some justice

  14. Thank you for the videos. I am with Siteground and many of the technical problems I face, you have already made a video on quite a few of them. So, I have not only subscribed to your channel but have also bookmarked your channel for future reference. I highly recommend Siteground should hire someone like you to make video tutorials for their Knowledge section. This will substantially reduce their support calls; saving both time and money for Siteground. Thanks once again 🙂

  15. Thank you so much for Head-to-Head Showdown, after 8 years with #Bluehost #webhosting I just started transfering all my clients websites to #SiteGround. #SiteGround Support team and Services they are offering very best in the industry. Have a blessed year! 🙂

  16. Great video! Very informative and detailed. Thank you very much! Your great content helped me to decide and I am going with Siteground #GiantSlayer

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