Solving with AWS Solutions: Video on Demand on AWS

Solving with AWS Solutions: Video on Demand on AWS

Video on Demand on AWS ( ) automatically provisions the AWS services necessary to build a scalable, distributed video-on-demand workflow. The video-on-demand solution ingests metadata files and source videos, processes the videos for playback on a wide range of devices, stores the transcoded media files, and delivers the videos to end users through Amazon CloudFront.

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12 thoughts on “Solving with AWS Solutions: Video on Demand on AWS

  1. I have deployed this and it works exactly as expected. There is so much good about this solution… AND so much that is bad, or should I say left out! For one, don't expect to get any support help unless you are paying for it! Like said in the video, the Step Functions are actually a good idea, problem is if you are not a coder it becomes clear really quick that you are not able to do even the simplest of things UNLESS you plan to spend hours Googling + trial and error.
    I have my MetaData variables.json file, and most of the environment variables are fine, but I want to set the title for each video NOWHERE in documentation does it show you "how", but does say it is possible.
    I want to add genre to the metadata also, how is this done? Will this added metadata be recorded to Dynamo?

  2. But this is the model that AWS is recommending Looks completely different. Anyone know why?

  3. I'm trying to deploy cloudformation template but it fails with InternalServerErrorException. Can anyone help?

  4. Use case: one MOV file from iphone X, with 2 foreign language MP3 files (dubbing). Problem: AWS MediaConvert job (tried all preset templates) failed to convert them to replay on Safari or Chrome with language switching. Confusing explanation here and AWS documentation that only people with PhD in Computer can understand. Not for normal people. I will try Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud or MS Azure to see if things get better…

  5. It still not clear for documentation about API etc and using this UI process, I'm still getting error from MediaPackage: Some assets failed to be created

    There were failures with the following asset(s): and this the only error message I get, already created CMAF from MediaConvert. A good help would be useful, showing an actual example, not just flow

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