Static vs Dynamic Websites - What's the Difference?

Static vs Dynamic Websites – What's the Difference?

What are static webpages? What are dynamic ones? What’s the difference and which approach should you follow? This video should clear some doubts and help you understand these concepts.


Build static pages with Nuxt.js:
Build a static website with Vue:
Build a static website with React:
Build a static website with Angular:

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22 thoughts on “Static vs Dynamic Websites – What's the Difference?

  1. the static way is good when you have a small website with less content and not so much functions to run. javascript or jquery can do the job then. but if you have a bug website with more function i like the dynamic way then.

  2. Are Serverless applications also the same as Static Applications that consume endpoints from a REST API and do not need server-side code? (11:00 – 11:15)

  3. In case of dynamic website, isn't writing UI with templates like ejs, pug etc are more painful?
    are we writing complete UI with template engines?
    because the flexibility (pre-experience) in terms of html,css,js or even React etc become obsolete.
    how I can replace ejs with react?

    I think I misunderstood something or confused.
    I can code in react, node, ejs etc

  4. such a GREAT video! you guys are GREAT! i think i will need dynamic. i have a video creator site like YT called roxytube dot com. i have a dedicated server and am thinking of switching to Amazon….just afraid of the monthly bill as more video creators come onboard. thanks! subbed!

  5. Personally, I prefere static pages. You can have free or very very cheap (I still prefer free) hosting, because all It has to do is to serve a couple static files. You can cache your static files in CDN (like free Cloudflare) and you site will be blazing fast, like 300ms to load with almost zero utilization on your hosting server. And to make it even better – you can use service worker to install all of your page in browser on first visit. Now your site can load in under 50ms, and even work offline. To summary: with static site your site can load in 300ms for first, and 50ms for any next visit, with almost zero utilization on server, which itself can be the cheapset and the most basic server you can find.

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