Stream #36 - Session-based Magento hosting, Shopware API focus, and more!

Stream #36 – Session-based Magento hosting, Shopware API focus, and more!

1. Session based pricing aligns incentives. Magemojo. If you’re just paying fixed price hosting company has no incentive to improve. Magento

2. If someone misses a call, it’s not okay for you to miss a call – 2 wrongs don’t make a right, it still makes you look unprofessional. Developers/Work

3. Shopware is killing it with API-first focus eCommerce

4. Need to start spending on pay distribution for commerce hero4 ads need to find the right person to run campaigns and also need to identify the right creative. Content

5. To put out content consistently you have to get used to recognizing the feeling you have when there’s something you want to talk about and then you just need a system for either taking that down as a note or recording it right away on the fly Content

6. Chasing the blue dot Content

7. How many of your sales are attributed to your podcast? Content

The Jets might be the only sports team I actually carry care about because of Gary vee. Content

Furtick preacher gravy content model Content

Business idea: overhead product to track overhead. Business Ideas

Content accelerator – gitkeep for documentation Content

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