Stream From OBS To Another Computer on the Network Using UDP

Stream From OBS To Another Computer on the Network Using UDP

In this video, I show you how you can configure OBS to stream to another computer on your local network using UDP. This could be used to relay a stream, or, simply to stream your display to another computer on your network.

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Note that OBS adds a lot of latency as it also keeps a buffer. If you’re not going to need to switch inputs, you can reduce latency by a fair bit by just using ffmpeg directly.

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25 thoughts on “Stream From OBS To Another Computer on the Network Using UDP

  1. I might use this or NDI i'm not sure. I bought a 50ft HDMI cable and my cameras don't work over that, but I have plenty of ethernet cabling and a network switch in the room with the cameras.

  2. Will give this a try, thank you so much. Happy new year, God bless you and your family abundantly always 🙂🙏🏼❤️

  3. Hi. I'm trying to set up my OBS for streaming with 2 PCs set up on Windows and i can't use NDI because one of CPUs doesn't support ssse3. Do i need for this capture card? How much it would affect gaming pc? How to do console comands which you did on Windows?

  4. Also a shoutout to NDI which works much better in OBS now, and can be used for OBS -> OBS streams instead with better performance!

  5. I don't understand why you used the command in the cmd. Is it only to watch the stream on url? On vlc it's probably easier no?

  6. i tried this but it's really laggy for no reason. my network is nowhere near saturated, OBS is barely using any resources and the device i'm watching the stream on is more than capable. help? streaming end specs: AMD x4 phenom 955, nvidia GT 740 SC, 8GB RAM
    receiving end is a galaxy S10e / raspberry pi zero W

  7. great advice, thanks. can you help me? I need to send a OBS output from my computer to my friend's OBS who is based n a different office. He can then relay streaming my signal to YouTube?

  8. That moment you decided to use an old webcam as a security camera and want to be able to view it from the other side of the house wirelessly.

  9. i'm having trouble getting this working with windows 10 and using VLC. my UDP stream will connect but no image will be displayed.. i'm trying to multicast the video so multiple PCs can view the stream

    are there any additional steps for windows PCs?

  10. Now that I have played with this some more, OBS can't get to a much lower latency due to all the processing it does. I have been able to get latency down to ~0.1s by using FFMPEG to directly capture the screen, transcode to something like mjpeg, and then sent it over netcat. The client can then receive the signal, and play it directly using MPV or Mplayer, and disable the network cache to reduce the latency. Downside is you won't be able to easily switch inputs and stuff, but if all you want is to send a screen, it is much faster then the OBS solution. If enough people are interested I may showcase it.

  11. very nice tut. but sir, i ran into a complication. i want to view my stream with vlc on another network. i discovered that i can view my stream on vlc in another device (phone) if only i am connected to the same area network. what is the solution if i am to view from other network, maybe data from my phone.

  12. Do you think this is a viable work around for a dual pc stream setup, Record your game footage send udp to another computer to stream it? like a viable work around over having a 2 pc one with a capture card to capture the gaming pc.

  13. Great video! Would this work to live stream over a local network (wifi) so that multiple mobile devices and tablets (no more than 10) could view the stream? 720p would be adequate. Thanks for any help! I use vMix but the principle is the same. This is a very helpful video, thank you!

  14. hi! It was pretty. I'm a rookie for this computer usage but I tried to do that, and coudn't do it. Tried to stream to another computer and says: 'Invalid Path or Connection URL. Please check your settings to confirm that they are valid.' Any clue? I followed every step u did

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