Streamlabs to OBS - IRL Mobile Stream RTMP Server for DIY LiveU or mobile setup - IRL Backpack

Streamlabs to OBS – IRL Mobile Stream RTMP Server for DIY LiveU or mobile setup – IRL Backpack

***NEW VIDEO*** With this new method you can do it from home WITHOUT Amazon Web Services.
Here’s the link to the 2020 RTMP Home Server:

Tired of disconnecting while streaming IRL? Now you can send your Phone signal to OBS on your Home PC! Follow this tutorial to create your very own RTMP server for seamless transitions from your Desktop computer to your Mobile Device! You can live with your viewers FOREVER! . . . Okay not really, but if you disconnect now OBS will stay on and there’s a better chance of people hanging around.


Your IP will need to be reformatted for OBS and Streamlabs in the following formats:

Streamlabs Mobile App:
– RTMP URL format: rtmp://
– Stream Key format: 123

– Media Source Format: rtmp://

(You will need to use YOUR IP in place of the formats shown above)

You can get Alerts/Chat/Event List by using the editor and adding a Custom URL widget. Then go to your Streamlabs page and grab the link from there for each thing you want to add. Kind of tedious to add them in with custom urls but it’ll work once you snag the links!

Keep in mind you MAY get very small transaction charges from Amazon Web Services if you happen to stream a lot of data. The most I managed to get charged so far for a month was $2.14, which in all reality isn’t much. BUT the free tier apparently only lasts for 12 months!

Huge Thanks to for the insane amount of help!

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Now get out there and stream! 🙂

30 thoughts on “Streamlabs to OBS – IRL Mobile Stream RTMP Server for DIY LiveU or mobile setup – IRL Backpack

  1. Hello! meanwhile, thanks for the video! when I open streamlabs mobile and select custom RTMP I am also asked for the stream key, what should I enter?

  2. its not free at all, now they keep charging me few dollars every month even i haven't use it at all. And i've try to terminate the account, but they still charge on my credit card.

  3. GREAT VIDEO, very visual and easy to follow… how do you send the feed to a website with wodrpress?, i mean stream ti a site… also do you have a limit with aws server? i whant to stream close to 25 hours

  4. this is exactly the best route to use. I have a raspberry pi and cell with a capture card to a dslr.
    trying to run everything off that one network would b rough but to shoot it over is smooth.

  5. Hi, Great video. Why do you stream from phone to aws and then Obs, why not straight to obs from phone. Thanks

  6. Thank you so much for this video! However, I have double and triple checked the correct and for sure installed Microsoft redistributables, and double and triple checked the Firewall inbound and outbound rules and can not seem to get Nginx to run in the background. Im not sure what my problem might be, please help.

  7. Awesome How To, thanks. Easy to follow. One thing I am having an issue with is, play back on the VLC Player, I get stuck here. I am using the rtmp://[ipv4]/live path, but I get nothing back, it just sits and loads. Yes, I have the streaming platform on the mobile phone with the rtmp://[ipv6]/live. Also note: Using the stream key as well, as it does not allow me to save unless I have that in there. Not sure what is happening. I've checked the aws server and the nginx server is running. Thanks

  8. Hello I am trying to connect my phone to use it as a second camera through streamlabs but it is asking for a stream key, can you let me know where I can find that ?

  9. I have a doubt since I have never used amazon servers. Do you have to pay anything to use it?
    Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I really have no idea. Thanks 🙏🏻

  10. Thanks for the video. Isit possible that I can use liveU solo and send it to the rtmp server like how u did with the phone? Then use the live footage as one of the video source in VMix?

  11. hey buddy nice, is there anything i can do for mac. As i followed steps but only i could find was windows or linux. Anything for MAC?

  12. Hey there, I installed both the Microsoft Visual C++ files, but still getting the nginx.exe System error of missing MSVCR100.dlll. Not sure what step I could take or maybe I missed?

  13. THANK YOU! I have been searching all day on how to get an RTMP server up and going to view camera feed on OBS. This one worked flawlessly. I only tried it with my phone so far, but I will try it again with a LiveU Solo later. If you are still answering questions: does the AWS instance run pretty much non-stop now? So I shouldn't have to reset it everyday….or everytime I want to connect the cameras? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! <3

  14. Fantastic share, thankyou. It's super cool that people take the time to make videos like this and help others out, I know I wouldn't have been able to achieve this with my current level of knowledge. It's all working fine for me and I have one question: is there a way to record the stream passing through AWS so you get an automatic backup in AWS or does it have to come into OBS and then you have to start with a workflow solution?

  15. I maanged to get the engine to work in my instance but i cant ping my ip, i added a tcp rule for IPv4 but still no ping, i cant link up

  16. trying to use my ipad for this but I either get audio or camera. not both. (trying to not get a PC for remote streams)

  17. Hi so I got a loaded question. I stream from home normally doing art, but lately Ive been biking around the city alot and think its something people might enjoy. I understand that this should work with my mobile (as my camera/stream view), however there is no image stabilization obviously so people get quite dizzy. Is there a way I can have my computer/OBS/RTMP server running at home, and somehow set up a on-the-go method using a newer model GoPro and my unlimited data phone for chat/service?

  18. Hey bro, thansk for all the information. I had a problem when i tried to run the nginx file. Nothing happens, even on the background. Its 2020 now and the server i downloaded was the 2019 version. Do you think that was the reason? thanks

  19. HI, Thank you so much for making this tutorial! I am having difficulty when it comes to putting the code in for nginx. Has any steps changed? after I down load the windows, I still get the system error " this cod execution cannot proceed because of MSVCR100.dll was not found" . Any tips are greatly appreciated!!! I'm trying so hard to get this to work!

  20. This is awesome! Do you know how to connect 2 phones (rtmp stream) into the same OBS using nginx? I set up another port (1936), but seems unstable.

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