Streamlabs True Cloud Backups | Save your streaming setup to the cloud!

Streamlabs True Cloud Backups | Save your streaming setup to the cloud!

Level up your stream with our reliable, easy-to-setup desktop streaming application built for professional streamers. Download Streamlabs OBS ►►

Streamlabs True Cloud Backups on Streamlabs OBS are here to save your stream setup from any unforeseen accidents! And if you’ve decided you need to stream from a new or different computer, you can easily login and instantly have your streaming setup ready to go!

Streamlabs True Cloud Backups are here to save your stream wherever you go!

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24 thoughts on “Streamlabs True Cloud Backups | Save your streaming setup to the cloud!

  1. How to make it work:
    This is a CLOUD. OBS saves your stream settings and sources. Remember how if you get a new iphone and you login with your Apple ID, your data MAGICALLY transfers to your new phone?
    OBS backs up your shit automatically unless you tell it not to. I do not see the cloud icon on my program. I do have that criticism. However, if you download OBS on your new PC and login w/ your Twitch account, you can select to import your OBS settings onto the new computer.

  2. Not always enabled. I have to readjust my settings every single time I log in these days. Started happening after a few days of streaming.

  3. IM ON MAC I CREATED ALL MY SCENES, SOURCES but under my Youtube Profile, How do I switch all my settings to Twitch??? 2020 and you still haven't released Cloudbot for MAC so how am I supposed to save Profile+scenes to transfer to my other profile????

  4. How do I save my profile on OBS Streamlabs, I see the settings under scene collection to export overlay file but how do I save my profile as well. I need to switch primary account from Youtube to Twitch, please assist!

  5. is there anyway to disable this? i recently had to reset my PC, and everytime i try to go live a window pops up saying its recommended i wait for it to sync. but i wait, and wait… and wait some more & its just never ending so i just go live anyway. & then i believe it causes some serious frame drop at the start of the stream. never had to deal with this before i reset my PC, so any tips? please & THANKS

  6. i need some help i accidently deleted all my files without saving them on the live faction and i try to redownload streamlabs but nothing changes and i cant get my screen alert oreven what im playing plz help 🙁

  7. Ok so… is this for prime members only or what? I didn't see the cloud icon, but either way, I logged into streamlabs on my laptop and my scenes etc are not showing up. Where is the option to import your setup? Why can't I export my own setup manually? Why can't I import from the cloud manually?

  8. READ THIS!……basically the auto cloud upload and synchronization does not always work. what works is ….'settings' 'scene collections' 'export overlay file' after which copy the file to the other computer and 'settings' 'scene collections' 'import overlay file'

  9. is there a way to have different streaming profiles? i mean the one day i maybe like to stream a game, the other day i maybe like to stream something else. do i have to change again and again everytime the settings? this is taking hours

  10. So, the video seems to be in contradiction to reality – I see no cloud icon in streamlabs obs and whenever i log into a new device, it has local settings and scenes and nothing is dated up "magically". My new streaming PC is arriving today. Do i really have to setup everything (except the scenes) again? Great! …Instead of an "amazing" cloud feature, you should have implemented just a simple export/import fuction. BTW: Thank god, that we have all that prime and shop stuff, that is updated frequently… most important for me…

  11. I dont have those icons.. also streamlabs lets me log back in every time i open it, it doesnt reset my sources but it resets my settings that i put for streaming and recording, for example i always put my recording on mp4 and when i log back to flv, and it does that with all my settings

  12. How to restore files on a different PC.
    Step 1: Redownload Streamlabs OBS
    Step 2: Click "Import from OBS"
    Step 3: Finish setting up everything else.
    I hope this helped!

  13. This is the buggiest, most trash app I have ever used. It DOES NOT, save all of your setting. I have lost all of my scenes before. After all these years, they are just as buggy as they were before.

  14. i love how the pinned comment is "Very useful info.", while every other comment is asking things and stuff like that.

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