Composer A Dependency Manager for PHP Complete Course (Hindi)

Composer A Dependency Manager for PHP in Hindi How to Install XAMPP: Core PHP Tutorials: Advance PHP Tutorials: ______________________________________________ Start 00:01:48 How to install XAMPP 00:02:07 What is Composer 00:04:20 … Read More

DC PHP – February 2016 – Managing Dependencies with Composer and Hosting Your Own Package Server

Andy Cassell will be presenting on managing dependencies with composer!  Andy is a full-stack web application developer and designer out in Herndon, VA. He builds PHP apps for the non-profit … Read More

How to install PHP's dependency manager "Composer" on Siteground shared hosting.

So… this is probably an odd video for this channel. But Marketing is so intrenched with tech, I am afraid that this is my inner-geek coming out. I wanted to … Read More