The 1&1 Mobile Server Monitoring Application

The 1&1 Mobile Server Monitoring Application

With 1&1’s new mobile server monitoring app, you can check the status of your dedicated, virtual, or cloud server wherever you are – with your Apple iPhone or iPad or any Android-based smartphone or tablet PC. You can download the App for free from the Apple Store or the Android market.

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The App can be downloaded from the following pages:

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5 thoughts on “The 1&1 Mobile Server Monitoring Application

  1. I used this app for a wee while on iOS. The notifications seemed very slow, up to 1/2 hour late, whereas my pingdom app told me straight away when my 1and1 dedicated server had crashed.

    After being unable to fix the crashing issue, we just rely on Pingdom to tell us when we need to log into our control panel and run the recovery tool (sounds like a gripe, it isn't). I know the recovery tool isn't ideal, but a recovery tool option in the app would be very helpful.

  2. @thewrath11 Have you contacted our technical support about this issue? The app does work and has been thoroughly tested, I'm not sure why you would have this experience. Our support team is happy to assist you. If you would like I can ask someone from our server team to contact you, just send me your customer ID number to [email protected]

  3. I've heard that there are hidden charges if notifications are sent. I've spent an hour trying to go through all of the various 1&1 terms and conditions looking for this to no avail. What if any charges are there for this app?

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