42 thoughts on “The 8 Best FREE Web Hosts!

  1. Blogger ain't good to rank up in google.Sorry but it's the truth.I've test it basically they quit on the project for many years.

  2. Hello Dav, thanks for this. Please can you recommend any 3 paid good hosting providers apart from the ones you have mentioned? I am looking for a reliable hosting provider. I just lost my domains and web files with ipage and i was treated very badly.

  3. Considering you have listed infinityfree.net, I'm going to guess that you have tested it, and are familiar with html code: I have a question: I am making my own website from scratch through html and css, I make it while it's on a half of my screen, but i go to full screen and everything shifts down, how would i make it where it fixes to a location I want on the page

  4. Thanks so much!! I tried infinityfree and so far so great! I was able to download the Yoast plugin for WordPress!

  5. Wow well explained video bro. Thank you so much!!
    I am using Zynact.com since the last year. They are providing Free Unlimited Web hosting for free of cost. (unlimited storage, bandwidth, database, sub domains) And they also have a good customer support team with live chat option. I think Zynact Hosting is the best free hosting provider.

  6. Thanks Bro lots of good information.
    Guys, I learnt there are hosting companies that pays residual income. I joined this one htttp://nathannortey.com/gdi and I pay $10 a month hosting fee. But they have a 5 tier monthly residual pay plan which handles most of my bills but I want something bigger that could also cover my mortgage. Any idea?

  7. Thanks for giving us a list of free hosting websites because alot of them are in indian language so thank you so much man šŸ™‚

  8. If you are serious about your business then I can't recommend to choose free web hosting. The reason is simple free is not reliable, and it is dangerous, and if you stuck in somewhere trust me no body can help and support.
    However you can use shared hosting and cloud hosting which is reliable and affordable. Below the list where you can find out the best hosting according to your requirements:

  9. Thank you so much, This is what was looking for I created my website and it is running fast https://napolystore.com

  10. Great video posted it on my Blog post "Confused By The World Of Web Hosting Follow This Solid Advice" http://homebiznetworker.com/blog/default.cfm?postID=36438

  11. So which one is best I mean the services which offer to host our domain without adding their own subdomain ?

  12. Hostinger has provide me with a code for my audience "WEBPRO" – Get a discount on their already fantastic prices: https://hostinger.com/webpro Obviously it's an affiliate link, but you get a discount on top of their already low prices. A win-win for all.

  13. Thank you so much for the video. I wanted to start a freelancing website and I think i will start right away šŸ™‚

  14. the best mutiple emails is 100% hushmail gaming alts and such unlike google, yahoo, paid emails subscription fee's…. if you like making alts hushmail is top 1 on the internet that you don't have to do phone vertfy… the best place…

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