The Beginner's Guide to WordPress on DreamHost

The Beginner's Guide to WordPress on DreamHost

Learn how to get started with a WordPress website on DreamHost shared hosting in this video tutorial that walks you through account creation, installation, and publishing your first blog post.

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16 thoughts on “The Beginner's Guide to WordPress on DreamHost

  1. With the shared starter plan you chose, can I add unlimited domains? or do I need Shared Unlimited?

    Also can I add a new wordpress site to each specific domain, I know its possible in hostgator since you get a new wordpress install for each new domain you add. Is this possible here?

    I ask because I want to build multiple wordpress sites under separate domains all under 1 shared hosting.

  2. why has my domain name got after it? sorry if that is a stupid question i just didnt think it woud be that way. is it possible to change this

  3. This is really helpful thankyou. Im trying to start a blog and looking for alternatives to bluehost. Have there been any issuse with dreamhost??

  4. Are you able to use plugins with dreamhost shared wordpress hosting? I saw the Plugins tab on the admin page in the video but I don't know if it would say you have to upgrade to use plugins when you click on it!

  5. Hey mate, how can I create a WordPress site using MAMP on my mac and then make the website live using Dreamhost shared hosting. Can you please help. Thank heaps.

  6. I’m on WordPress from dream host and I can’t seem to save my material? I can’t find the publish button

  7. i have a problem, i just recently buy a domain, everything it's ok until " We are setting up your hosting service for you ", i've been waiting for hours, it's stucked in 97% and it's not loading, you do know the problem is?

  8. There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.

    Learn more about debugging in WordPress.

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