The Benefits Of VPS Hosting For Your Business

The Benefits Of VPS Hosting For Your Business

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10 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade To VPS Hosting
If you own a website then you may have considered the question “should I upgrade from shared hosting to VPS hosting?” If you are receiving a lot of visitors and have many customers then it makes a lot of sense to upgrade. If you are not sure whether it is a good move then here are 10 reasons that can help you decide:
1. If Your Website Is Growing Then VPS Hosting Is A Must

Your role as a website owner, or webmaster, is to ensure that your site is available at all times. It is impossible to predict if you will receive a large volume of visitors (traffic) so you do not want to take the chance of exceeding the set resources that are available to you with shared hosting. This could cause your website to appear slow to visitors or in the worst case be totally unavailable.

2. Be In Control With Dedicated Resources

With a VPS account you are allotted dedicated resources and these are not limited as they are with a shared account. This means dedicated hardware and bandwidth which are yours to use for the needs of your business.

3. Google Ranking Factors

There is no point having a website if it cannot be found in the major search engines such as Google. If your website is slow then Google and the other search engines will penalize you for this and move you down the rankings. Slow page loading can be a real problem with shared hosting and it can be someone else’s fault! If another user is exceeding the resources of a shared server then this can slow your site down.

4. Other Shared Users Will Not Affect Your Website

As explained above, it is very possible that other shared users on your server can compromise the performance of your website if they consume too many resources. Also there is the threat of being blacklisted. If another shared user receives a penalty for misuse of email for example, the IP address of the server goes onto a blacklist. This means that your site will be on this blacklist too! There is no danger of this with VPS hosting. Hardware resources are divided and you can opt to be assigned your own individual IP address.

5. Improved Security

When you have a VPS server you will be able to install custom firewalls that have very strict rules and provide much greater security for your site than a shared account could do. If you are running databases with sensitive data then VPS hosting provides total security for this.

6. Your Site Will Be Able To Handle A Large Volume Of Traffic

With shared hosting accounts there will be a limit to the amount of traffic that your site will be able to process each month. A VPS hosted site will be able to handle significantly increased volumes of traffic so if you are planning large advertising campaigns or improving your search engine rankings then now is the time to upgrade to VPS hosting.

7. Improved Uptime

VPS hosting is a professional hosting solution and as a result of this the uptime (availability of your website online) better than standard shared hosting. Here at Compila we know that when you upgrade to a VPS account that you expect serious performance and we will provide it to you.

8. You Will Have Root Access With VPS Hosting

With a VPS account you can virtually do whatever you want with your server. You can load scripts and other software that will enhance the usefulness of your website. If you have a shared hosting account then you will only be provided with cPanel and FTP access. If you want to load scripts then we will have to look at them carefully to ensure that they will not compromise other users and we do have to reject some of these requests. There are no such restrictions with VPS hosting.
If you want to install different applications or even change the operating system of your VPS server then you can. There are many reasons why you might want to do this. With shared hosting you will not be able to change anything.

9. No Maintenance Requirements

The physical server will be maintained by our experts at Compila. Your only responsibility is to take care of your virtual server. You can forget about maintenance requirements altogether if you opt for our managed services package.

10. It Is Not Expensive

The cost of upgrading from shared hosting to VPS hosting is a lot less than you think. At Compila we have lowered our prices, but not the quality of our VPS packages so that everyone can enjoy the power and control that a VPS account provides. You will have plans to grow your business to make sure that your website can grow with you by hosting it on a VPS server.

Make the decision to upgrade to a VPS hosting account today. Visit for more information or contact us on [email protected]

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