The Best Way to Host & Deploy a React Application

The Best Way to Host & Deploy a React Application

Wondering how to Host & Deploy your React Application using Netlify? Look no further, this video is the only resource you need!

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22 thoughts on “The Best Way to Host & Deploy a React Application

  1. If we use
    npm run build
    Then we will get the build folder and if we upload to it to our cPanel then it will also work ?

  2. Hi, thx for all your work and accurate infos ! Dunno why, I don't dare to use Netlify, Git etc…, even for testing, as if I was "stealing" space and ressources … Maybe I'm too old. Once again, thanks from France for your great job!

  3. all commands :
    npm run build

    npm start
    git command second time :
    git init
    $ git add .

    $ git commit -m 'change 2'

    $ git push -f

  4. I got to tell you, man! you are very good at what you do, I learn something new every time I watch any of your videos and I know you are going to blow up! keep the fantastic work my dude!

  5. You are amazing I can not say any thing else, this channel gives every thing should be learnt to become great developer 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  6. simple, yet very informative.. you just cleared it all up for me. thanks man.. keep up the good work!

  7. This was very helpful video. I am learning React now. Earlier I had deployed my Vanilla JS project in Netlify but did not know the deploying React project in Netlify will be so simple. Netlify makes it very easy to deploy projects but the only downside is that the loading speed is slightly slow but its fine

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