The Best Website Hosting 2019 - Wordpress Web Hosting

The Best Website Hosting 2019 – WordPress Web Hosting

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In this video I go over what I feel are the best website hosting providers in 2016. I cover 2 budget hosts, as well as 2 of the biggest website hosts. Namecheap and 1&1 and the 2 best website hosting providers if you are on a budget, while Bluehost and Hostgator are the 2 best website hosting providers overall if you are willing to spend more for higher quality. All these providers are perfect for WordPress web hosting.

Each host listed has it’s own pros and cons, which I cover in detail inside of the video. Overall, the decision of which hosting provider you should use depends on your situation, preference, and what you are looking to achieve.

The information in this video should prove helpful when making the decision of which website hosting provider is best in 2016.

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5 thoughts on “The Best Website Hosting 2019 – WordPress Web Hosting

  1. Hey there…thanks for your video. Good info and considerations. I'm wondering what you think of GoDaddy WordPress hosting. I'm going to be setting up my first website soon and WordPress comes highly recommended as the "format of choice." I own URLs on GoDaddy, but their hosting seems super expensive, even with their current sale. There are many different levels of hosting, however. Thoughts on bang for the buck, ease of use, quality of WP hosting, upgrading levels as you grow, etc. it will be a design company so multiple hosting likely. Thanks so much! Found you through Google search: WordPress web hosting (in the last month) Cheers!

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