The Breeze Cache Plugin – How I Set It Up And Why I Use It

The Breeze Cache Plugin – How I Set It Up And Why I Use It

After three months of testing I’ve moved all our client sites to the (free from the WordPress Repository) Breeze Cache plugin from Cloudways. Here is why and how we use it.

My main reasons for the move to Breeze were:

– On my tests it was one of the fastest particularly with NGINX servers
– It’s simple for clients and blend in with the WordPress UI.
– It’s free and I have not encountered any issues.


… and for anyone thinking of testing Cloudways I have a (still unused) aff. link.

6 thoughts on “The Breeze Cache Plugin – How I Set It Up And Why I Use It

  1. Great video 🙂 But Breeze plugin is currenty untested with WP, and it was last time updated 5 months ago 😀 So does it even work?

  2. Thanks david, just setting up Breeze on Cloudways Linode. As usual your video was a great time saver…

  3. I've just watched this again as I took your advice and watched Paul's video and joined cloudways I found a $30 credit and have setup a server with digital ocean…now just learning how it all works! So thanks again!

  4. My goodness. I am going to give this a go. I am so hesitant because I invested in WP Rocket – but I am not truly happy. This looks simple and something that my clients can easily get around if THEY HAD to clear cache or such. Thank you for sharing.

  5. David
    You mention during this review, that the cache did not support Woo Commerce when it first came out and the pages had to be excluded in the advanced area, but then you went on to say that it now does this automatically. I interpreted that to say that Breeze does not support WooCommerce and the plugin automatically excludes the pages – is this correct?

  6. David, I tested one of my BB sites and without a cache plugin it took 5.11 sec to load, added the breeze plugin and now it loads in 2.77 sec, thanks for letting us know about this jewel

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