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  1. Worth mentioning. Kinsta will charge you extra fee if you exceed the number of visitors, so that you change to a higher plan. And they also take into account bots visits to the number of visitors. They give support to reduce this number, but the bots visits are not eliminated 100%.

  2. Finely, I got the answer for the fastest yet cheaper web hosting service that I have been waiting for long time to invest in for my next site.

    Thank You Matthew 😍😎✌🔥👍

  3. Now that Siteground migrated all their servers to Google Cloud in 2020, I really wish this test was run again.
    Because in my experience SiteGround has the best support. short wait times, call support. Free migration tool as well and they have taken care of most of my issues on their own when they could have just told me "how" to do it like other hosting companies do. I'm blown away at their support the past couple years.

  4. Cloudways is definitely way to go. I have found the plans very reasonable and pricing. It suits all my need at very affordable rates with high server uptime.

    Get to choose your own plan: https://www.cloudways.com/en/?id=602196

  5. The best hosting is this because it is special and it has great offers that made me give it a try and I didn't regret it

  6. This is epic Matthew thanks for this incredible work… I can see why WP Engine got the hump about the truth you shared!!

    I also just commented on your blog about if there was a reason Big Scoots wasn't included in this test? Just conducting my own experiment to see which you respond to first 😉

  7. You missed NameHero 🙁 Great video anyways, hope you include NameHero in the comparision if you make another similar video in the future, keep it up!

  8. M looking for a free WordPress hosting platform with cpanel and migration… I dnt have much resources to buy hosting… I have watched your genuine reviews of all hosting platforms…
    Please suggest the best

  9. MAJOR PROBLEM WHEN RESEARCHING FOR GOD WEBHOSTING ! 99% OF THE REVIEWS ARE BIASED LIES. THEY ARE CREATED BY PEOPLE WHO GET PAID FOR SUCH LIES TO PROMOTE BUSINESS WHICH CANNOT GET TO THE TOP BY PROVIDING EXCELLENT SERVICE. I'm in IT 35yrs and have seen a lot. I used Webhostinghub for 5+ years but they gotten so bad that I could not stand it anymore. Started looking for better hosting and discovered that most of them are the same crap ! They will promise you gold and give you sht!

    I have tested BLUEHOST, FASTCOMET, HOSTGATOR, GODADDY and few more. They are all garbage! Perhaps if you have VPS you might be in a better situation.
    HOSTINGER would be probably a bit better if they would provide phone/chat support. First of all they are lying about support telling you it is 24/7. No phone support at all ! No live chat as well. They will reply to your ticket next day. Once you create a ticket – you cannot create another one (i.e different issue) until the first one is resolved – yes – can you believe it ?
    I created an account, run into problem. File manager/explorer is not working ! Created a ticked. They replied in 3 hrs and fixed it. It worked for 10 min then stopped working again…. and I could not even contact them in any way because system did not allow me to open new ticket. Terrible service.
    OMG – total disaster. I just asked PayPal to process my refund. Stay away from this company if you do not want to live in stress.

  10. Interesting, but WPX Hosting ads popped up on your site during my visit. If you search "Fastest WordPress Hosting," on Google you get tons of responses, some showing hosts that I know from personal experience are terrible, proving that the ranking is an ad driven endorsement. I am not saying that is the case here, I have never tried WPX, but I also wasn't expecting ads for WPX to pop up on your site while reviewing your recommendations. Then, and this is the amazing part, if you test the landing page of these hosts on Google's PageSpeed Insights, their performance is abysmal! Haha, how can a hosting provider make claims about performance when their own site loads ridiculously slow!! This is like feeling around in the dark!

  11. Sooo basically I have to switch to kinsta in a year 🙂 Sadly I live in the Netherlands and not all hosts have servers here. so this might not be applicable to me? And kinda strange that SG and Kinsta both have the server in the same city, Eemshaven , NL. Which means they use the same provider anyway?

  12. You could use a VPS for cheap/unmanaged from Linode and get very amazing perfoamce. Since a friend helped me get a website on that cheap VPS I never looked back. .-.

  13. Thank you for taking the time to make this, you've opened my eyes to the possibilities beyond Bluehost (who have been up and down in terms of speed and support quality).

  14. I've been using siteground for 2-3 years. I was happy until the point I didn't care about the site speed. My server response time (TTFB) itself is 1.5 seconds. When I asked them why they blamed my themes and plugins. I use GeneratePress and only 3-4 plugins. My GTMetrix score is A with 95% in both. But the site load time is still 4 seconds. So, I'm considering switching and it will be WPX Hosting! Thanks for your review 🙂

  15. What is the proof you really did all that?
    Maybe you are just saying this. As I can see your name on WPX hosting's website. Are you promoting them maybe?

  16. You've made an amazing video and I was looking for an affiliate link specifically on here or your website to see if I could help you further. I didn't find one but thank you for this video!

  17. I think closte should be added to the list. They also use google cloud and its scalable. Very fast hosting, unfriendly support if u are a noob

  18. Matthew I have a landscape photography website with high resolution photos (I don't have optimized bc I don't want to lose photo quality. I keep them at 1900 pixels wide). Would you recommend Kinsta based on your #4 test? I usually have new visitors and I need fast load times on my site and images. I'm torn between Kinsta and WPX.

  19. I’ve just had a dreadful experience with siteground!! They have extremely bad communication skills!! They almost destroyed one of two sites while “professional migrating” the second site was completely wiped!! There one moment and gone the next but what concerns me is they blocked chat and restricted me to ticket only! Right after my site disappears!!!

  20. Hi Matthew,

    This is honestly the best concise and comprehensive review of all the popular hosting platforms. Only thing that could be important for viewers is to more clearly state in the video price paid for the different plans used for the review. I went over to the word based review page and was blown away by the depth and clarity you provided.

    This review video deserves way more views and I hope your site will continue to grow. Have no doubt about that with content of this quality. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Thumbs up and subscribed. Keep up the awesome work mate!

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