Tomcat Clustering Series Part 1 : Simple Load Balancer

Tomcat Clustering Series Part 1 : Simple Load Balancer

I am going to start new series of posts about Tomcat clustering. In this first post we will see what is problem in normal deployment in only single machine, what is clustering and why is necessary and how to setup the simple load balancer with Apache httpd web server + Tomcat server cluster.

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26 thoughts on “Tomcat Clustering Series Part 1 : Simple Load Balancer

  1. Hi would like to know about San storage and storage part also AIX based commands and it's functions
    It will be helpful if u will make videos on server upgradation of aix and also Linux

  2. Hi Ramakrishna, I have a requirement where in I need to forward requerest based on user locale to different clusters. How to write that logic in apache load balancer.

  3. coming below error any idea

    [rewrite:trace2] [pid 3430:tid 140021036140288] mod_rewrite.c(480): [client] – – [][rid#7f592800a9b0/initial] forcing '/department1/' to get passed through to next API URI-to-filename handler

  4. Thanks for sharing video, but i am not able to configure bcz in this tutorial you not shown httpd.conf file.
    In you previous video Virtual Host + apace httpd+tomcat+modJk we had 3 different sites that are hosting on three different but in this I think we have host 1 sites in all the tomcat using round-robin. Pls share server.xml and httpd.conf file.

  5. Thanks a lot Rama , but my case that I've JSF 2 web app and I follow the steps that mentioned in the video and the balancer successfully redirect to each tomcat instance but to empty page

  6. Hi Rama nice to meet you. Very very nice explain for this work. We had several years worked with apache + tomcat. I am look your new explain with nginX as load balancer. Did you use other non open source applications server like IBM webphere or Glasshfish for comparing with tomcat working in cluster?
    Thanks in advance

  7. It is good to have failover and load balancing. Imagine you have 5 tomcat instances for load balancing and you want to make an update .  can we put the content of the app server in a shared storage ? So that it makes it easy to update ?

  8. So from the network perspective . The http server is connected to internet  and the application server is only accessible locally .The http server access the application server content and load it to the user .  Is that right  or all is accessible via internet ?

  9. In theory, is it ok if there are just one worker, or I have to configure with at least 2 instances?
    I know that it's is useless if there is just 1 instance.

  10. Hello Ramki Sir, I have an issue my apache server is on high load got hang after some interval Please suggest how resolve it

  11. Video has great info, but having a very difficult time understanding you. English subtitles would be helpful. 

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