Tools I Use For Static Site Development

Tools I Use For Static Site Development

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— Tools I Use For Static Site Development —
In this video I’m talking about the basic tools I use for static site development. I originally started the video idea as a full-stack development but without going into server side frameworks, I left it at static sites.

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21 thoughts on “Tools I Use For Static Site Development

  1. Haven’t tried Linode yet, but I’ve found that Digital Ocean is pretty simple to use and fairly priced. Could be a good alternative

  2. When I start doing machine learning, I'll be using Visual Studio Code. I haven't had problems with GoDaddy other than their predator billing tactics.

  3. I got surprised myself with the Google Cloud Platform free tier when I did something I assumed would be free since I was just tinkering. Thankfully I had an email alert when it got 50% of my monthly quota (which thankfully was only $20)

  4. For css I just setup the fs sync in browser dev tools and edit them directly in browser. I've all the completion and highlighting and immediate feedback. VSCode is good, I like the features, but it's quite laggy, eats memory and sometimes parts of it crash so I keep closing it all the time..
    For static sites, server shouldn't be needed, but I still use apache. Under linux I'd use cherokee (super ez to setup).

  5. Thank you for sharing ! What do you think about Heroku? For a middle side project 500-1000 users , or should I try linode as u said ?

  6. This channel by now has become a meta only channel. “Whats the top 5 languages?“, “what does it take to become a programmer“ etc. Please, Chris, consider producing some videos with more value. You do have the potential!

  7. Hey, chris may I know again the payment gateway that u used in your website for the "Buy Now" functionality? Thanks

  8. My Tech Stack:
    1. Coding: VS Code
    2. Domain: Namecheap
    3. Hosting: Netlify
    4. Version Control: Github
    5. Front-End: 11ty (Nodejs & Vanilla)
    6. Back-End: AWS DynamoDB – Nodejs App

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