Top 10 Best FREE CLOUD STORAGE Services (2020)

Top 10 Best FREE CLOUD STORAGE Services (2020)

If you’re looking for free cloud storage offering the most space for your photos, videos, or any other type of data, we’ve got you covered. In this video, I’ll show you the 10 best free cloud storage services beginning in order with those offering the least free storage and ending with those offering the most going over the pros and cons for each. If used in combination, you just might find yourself with more than enough free storage to meet all of your needs.

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0:28 5 GB Free Cloud Storage
2:10 10 GB Free Cloud Storage
4:46 Notable Mentions
5:40 15 GB Free Cloud Storage
6:17 100 GB Free Cloud Storage

Amazon Drive

Apple iCloud




Google Drive





Microsoft OneDrive





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32 thoughts on “Top 10 Best FREE CLOUD STORAGE Services (2020)

  1. MEGA used to offer a base of 50 GB, now new customers are reduced from 50 GB down to a base of 15 GB after 30 days. IT'S A VERY MISLEADING MARKETING TACTIC!!! Older customers that had signed up when the base offer was a 50 GB limit get to keep that limit.

    What is your favorite free cloud storage service? As usual this video is non-sponsored. All mentioned are reputable services that we trust. If the free services are used in combination, you may find that you DON'T need to pay for any service. Good luck 🙂

  2. Great video! Btw you should check Internxt Drive. It is the one I´ve been using during the last year and it is so great since it´s decentralized and cheaper than some of the options mentioned 🙂

  3. Legit question, isn't youtube kind of a free video storage? For the user at least or when user allows the download feature (which can only be viewed in YT) or using 3rd party downloaders that keeps the quality.

  4. The best unlimited free cloud storage would be telegram. You can convert into 7zip files of less than 2GB per file if you have larger files. Just create a private channel of your own and upload any amount of data

  5. Oh no, disappointed with your #1. Degoo is uselessly slow! It offers a lot of free space but it stops at that. You shouldn't just base on the free storage size. Encryption is the most important and the top 3 for that are: (which you didn't include), pCloud and IceDrive. IMHO. Thanks!

  6. As long as EVERYONE realizes that once you store it in the "cloud" it's NOT yours any longer. It's out there somewhere, probably on a server in Bangladesh

  7. Dropbox does offer ways for you to earn more storage and keep it for free.
    It's sad but that 50GB offer wasn't always a bait-and-switch. I still have my free 50GB from when they offered it permenantly. Unfortunately now they don't offer you ways to earn and keep extra storage like Dropbox does, it's all temporary offers.

  8. Good video! Why you don't make a decentralized cloud storage video? It will be an interesting comparison. I recommended you to take a look to Internxt Drive among others.

  9. Google Drive is best you can get storage unlimited by create multiple account and make editor each other but file limit 15 GB

  10. I made a discovery that is probably well known to a lot of users. My computer slows severely. I have discovered it's when I have Edge and/or Chrome opened. Both of those data hogs give my computer the freezes. Since I have ceased to open them, no more slow-downs. What gets me is that it took me 10 years to figure that out.

  11. Me : YouTube
    Do you want upload your image to YouTube ?
    Easy put your image to video and high quality
    When you finish
    Export video but export high quality
    Upload to yt

  12. I am using Seafile running on my Raspberry which is connected with 1 TB hard drive. So basically, I have 1 GB of free storage which I have full control over and paying nothing and it is really fast.

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