TOP website hosting for small business / Google Cloud static website 5

TOP website hosting for small business / Google Cloud static website 5

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Welcome back to MarketingProf. for this walkthrough about’s most affordable managed WordPress/WooCommerce hosting with a proprietary #caching plugin (solution) that performs just as awesome as LiteSpeed cache/WPRocket/WPFastestCache with nearly all #DataCenter that’s available on GoogleCloud’s infrastructure map ( )

0:00 – 0:32 Intro. for guide’s guide #5
0:32 – 0:57’s available server locations which are based upon GoogleCloud’s data global data center locations
0:57 – 1:52’s server location / data center validation
1:52 – 2:27 Reviews/ratings that has managed to garner throughout the internet
2:27 – 5:37 Launching a virtual machine/cloud server using the free-trial account (similar to the micro plan), for this example, picking London as the preferred location
5:37 – 6:40 Completing the cloud server launching process

Use this link to signup for a 10-day free trial account ==》 and launch some virtual machines in different countries/regions that we prefer!

Here’s another HIGHLY-AFFORDABLE managed WordPress or WooCommerce hosting that’s powered by #GoogleCloud with 14 days-free-trial known as 10web ( ). The only disadvantage for picking 10web is that it has less data center as compared to 10web but they have an A.I. powered website builder for WordPress and WooCommerce sites.

If you wanna search for possibly the most affordable unmanaged VPS/cloud server powered by AWS for WordPress/WooCommerce/PHP hosting with control panels (with limited data centers/server locations). Feel free to watch these tutorials ==》 (with complimentary Plesk control panel)

Watch the full series of’s walkthrough over here ==》

Feel free to watch our tutorials about all of the most useful online marketing tools that are available for us here ==》

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